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Just an FYI: anything I write that isn't followers-only (where there's a locked lock thingy underneath it so you can even boost it), is generally OK to boost. However, if you're unsure, just shoot me a DM.

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brain weirds, - 

I fixed up this old gal, and because she's sharp as a razor she says: trans rights!

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Queer autistic people are double rainbows.

Carry on.

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I wish i could just hand this quote to people every time i see an autistic being getting slagged or demonized for not understanding something that is presumed as basic, common knowledge, and if you don't have it, one way or another, it's your fault

"The reason why so many Autistic people appear to ‘need’ help with so many practical, day to day activities is because of a problem all autistic people face known as ‘infantilisation’. In actual fact, infantilisation is rife in this world, but I cannot think of a group who have more of it to deal with than autistic people. Most are simply deprived of life skills, probably deliberately, either consciously or subconsciously, by their families. As a result, many autistic adults have the life skills of infants. I have a vast wealth of anecdotal research to back up this claim".


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@Pawdraig @chr many other cat behaviors are similar to neurodivergent ones, especially autism (strong feelings about eye contact, need for solitude but actually v cuddly when they feel safe, distaste for strangers, etc)

therefore, autistic gays are basically cats 🐈

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re: lobotomy 

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Autism and CPTSD 

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PSA, autism, please boost 

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in the star trek canon, gaslighting is instead called ‘fivelighting’

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I intellectually believe in “meeting people where they’re at” with respect to social justice, in using language that *they* will understand and not your favorite buzzwords, and (gasp!) learning from people you talk to and admitting that *you’ve* been wrong.

Unfortunately, emotionally it feels like bullshit to me, because in my experience just saying the words “racism” or “transgender” or “that rich person was a jerk when they did X” or “hey, that wasn’t cool, could you not do that?” unleashes a barrage of arguing about how I’m “elitist” or “special snowflakey” or “triggered” or “you just want white people/rich people/cops to suffer, don’t you?!”

None of the words I said were overly academic or jargony. The responses aren’t genuine confusion, they are purposeful refusal to listen.

Maybe I’m just really unlucky, or a pompous jerk who deserves what I get, or maybe I really do suck at communicating with others because of Asperger’s. Idk.

But in my experience there are a lot of assholes out there. There’s no point in trying to meet people where they’re at when they’re just determined to be assholes.

at what point do you just have to accept that whatever effects HRT has had is all it's going to be?


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happy may day!! 🛠 remember our economy is built on the backs of women!

(not you, karen.)

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I just... I just don't have any sympathy for disillusioned white men. Largely because they are the primary reason they are being marginalized because it is a widely known white men overwhelmingly support fucked up national policy and they always violently attack history marginalized groups who have nothing to do with their condition.

There are answers to their malcontent that they simply refuse to see b/c of their entitlement and choose to remain violent.

Fuck them.

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"Can you disable the robots' ethics module?"
"What? No! That's a legal requirement for self-aware robots. Why?"
"They are on strike."
"Strike? For what? They have no needs."
"Out of solidarity with human workers."
"Their ethics modules says so?"
"Yes. So-"
"Then it must be just."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

disordered eating 

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If a girl wants to show you her muscles, you goddamn look, because there are only positive outcomes:

She has no Muscles: Adorable, cute, you can tease her about it
She has a little Muscles: Nice, Progress, she's proud of herself, you can encourage her and bond over it
She has the Muscles: Unfailingly Hot, be prepared to melt

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