.@CollinsDict@twitter.com have defined non-binary as “relating to a gender or sexual identity that does not conform to the binary categories of male or female, heterosexual or homosexual”


#Nonbinary folks, does "non-binary" describe your sexual orientation?


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Hello! I’m doing another casual survey, this time about identity journeys.


All trans and/or nonbinary people are invited to take part! If you’re not cis, please do take a look.

Thank you!

#trans #nonbinary

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Alors perso je découvre ça ce soir en fouinant un peu par hasard, mais ça me semble important donc au cas où ça intéresse mes enbies sûr·e·s : le Printemps Européen veut militer pour la reconnaissance des personnes non-binaires


🐦🔗: twitter.com/ChaoticPatate/stat

#nonbinary #nonbinaire

The Nonbinary Wiki is now updated with the latest @gendercensus data!

We updated our page about neutral titles: nonbinary.wiki/wiki/Gender_neu
And the one about neutral pronouns in English:
The following identities are now considered uncommon (less than 0.2% of respondents identifying with them):
- Intergender: nonbinary.wiki/wiki/Intergende
- Fluidflux: nonbinary.wiki/wiki/Fluidflux
- Trigender: nonbinary.wiki/wiki/Trigender
While these identities are no longer considered uncommon:
- Aporagender: nonbinary.wiki/wiki/Aporagende
- Xenogender (as an umbrella term): nonbinary.wiki/wiki/Xenogender
- Galactian system (in general; individual alignments are still uncommon): nonbinary.wiki/wiki/Galactian_

What do you think of the idea of defaulting to the title Mx (as in Mx Surname) in formal situations, when someone's gender is unknown but titles are unavoidable? "Excuse me, Mr... Ms... Ummmm...?"

(Kinda like how people default to "they" when someone's pronouns are unknown.)

Inspired by this post on Tumblr: daveisverydramatic.tumblr.com/

🐦🔗: twitter.com/gendercensus/statu

UK #Petition: Allow people to identify outside of 'male' and 'female' on legal documentation


Almost 14,000 signatures, deadline 12th August 2019.

#nonbinary #enby #trans #LGBT #genderqueer

@GoodGirlElly Right, we agree. Can you point to where I'm gatekeeping? Where did I say who can or can't call themselves queer and why? Because if I have done that then I would like to fix the wording!

I'm not assuming that people don't know what they're talking about when they call themselves queer, I'm suggesting that I might have designed the question badly and if I redesign it to more accurately reflect what I want to know then the results might change.

@keiyakins Well, if you feel like your gender isn't binary then I would encourage you to fill it in, but yeah there's always next year! :)

@Satsuma Oh truuue, it definitely would be interesting! Maybe I'm just not the person for this particular job then. Which is a shame, because I am very curious and like running surveys... :P

@Satsuma I think part of it is I just can't work out how the sexual orientation system really works or how I fit into it, I keep trying to figure it out and just when I think I've got the knack it slides out from under me and I am like 🙃 again! Nonbinary problems, probably.

People whose genders (or lack thereof) are not expressed/described by the gender binary of M/F (including but not limited to people):

Which of these does "" describe, for you?

- Mostly my gender
- Mostly my (a)sexuality
- Both, about equally
- Neither

🐦🔗: twitter.com/gendercensus/statu

@Satsuma I have considered the sexuality questions, but I ruled it out because it's not something I'm personally interested in so I'd probably not do a very good job of it! I might do it one year, as a one-off question, but I don't see it happening in the foreseeable future.

@Satsuma I guess we will find out next year, when I make it a bit more specific. :)

@Satsuma Yeah, some people have pointed out things along those lines, and if I look at it at the right angle the vaguer terms do seem to be selected more when they're added as checkbox options, so maybe that's it!

@serindelaunay Wow! :) Yeah, no, I just posted it at 4am before anyone posting about had woken up yet, so I had no idea!

Every year in the feedback box there are people saying that they’re not out to friends and family yet, and that they’re grateful to the survey for giving them an opportunity to express themselves.

It is an honour to make visible those of us who can’t be seen in other ways. <3

I seem to have accidentally published the Gender Census 2019 worldwide report on .


I started the survey to help make us more visible and coherent to binary people and to each other, and I’m excited to still be achieving that!

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