People who aren't nonbinary (so that's cis or trans men or women, or thereabouts), do you celebrate Christmas?

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people, do you celebrate Christmas?

@Mayana @felineforestmedicine Hey thanks for tagging me, this is totally the kind of thing I like to signal-boost, so I've boosted your OP. :) I'll post it on Twitter as well, I've got way more followers on there.

Is anyone 60+ years old and Non-Binary? And open to writing responses to a one page questionnaire about your experiences (socially, physically, emotionally, etc.) for me, by today, for my psychology of aging final paper? Just fill out here!

🙏🏽☺️Your responses would be so appreciated in helping me finish this final

Are you interested in seeing future Harry Potter stuff?


@fluffy Oop, had to install a thing, got stuck - I'll go back to the more expensive thing, and just remember that Mailgun exists and is cheap, and I'll come back to it when I know what I'm doing a bit more. :D

@fluffy This is the part where I don't know what any of those words mean, so I'll just do the thing I know how to do! :P

@fluffy Okay yeah that all sounds good, I'm going to log in and see if I can brain it. :D

@fluffy Just having a look at their pricing and yowza, I assumed a standing charge of a few cents per day was normal, if Mailgun doesn't have a standing charge then that makes a lot more sense financially - I only send out maybe up to 6 emails per year! (Does Mailgun's pay as you go tier not have a standing charge, or have they hidden that somewhere?)

@isobel PS: Sorry for the delay, outside of "big survey is open" time I check the social media things less often!

@isobel No - participants were able to select more than one option for that question.

@fluffy Okay I'll describe it, but It's confusing and kind of a mess, I wouldn't recommend following my example! XD

Sendy needs to be installed on a server, but is a hosted site, and that doesn't give you server access for installing things.

So I installed Sendy on the server of another website I maintain, where I do have server access, but used the email addresses in all the settings for the mailing list itself.

And then Amazon AWS rejected me and wouldn't explain why, so I went with Elastic Email instead, which is more expensive but also WAY more user-friendly and has really good and helpful tutorials and really nice customer service people - well worth the extra money.

So we're looking at maybe about £150 per year, and a confusing mailing list registration URL!

Wanted: Someone who signed up to the Gender Census mailing list over two weeks ago (i.e. on TinyLetter), who can do a quick experiment with me via DM!

AWS never did co-operate but I found an alternative and it seems to be working? 🎉🤞

Anyone who wants to join the mailing list can now do so here:

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(Just waiting on AWS to un-sandbox me, c u in 500 years)

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