Oh and just in case it wasn't clear, this would NOT happen in the annual *serious* survey, it would be a separate one-off obviously non-serious crowdfunder survey.

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There would be a checkbox to make sure that participants are binary-defying/-transcending in some way, and a question asking for how they describe that (nonbinary, trans, agender, etc etc), so the vibe is, "if you could ask ALL genderly interesting people any question at all..."

And then I would write up a report of the responses, so that you can find out what the best flavour of ice cream is according to nonbinary people, for example...??

- I can veto questions on ethical grounds;
- I have editorial/design control to ensure data quality, but we can discuss it before I edit;
- No questions where the answer is just a textbox, for my sanity;
- No questions about gender/sex, plurality or gender critical stuff.

Every year I get a lot of people asking me to ask questions that are outside of the scope of the survey (e.g. not about gender, not about language, etc) so this would be a chance for people to pose those questions. But also I fully expect several questions to be blatantly silly!

Your thoughts are very welcome!

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Okay I'm having an idea and I'm not sure if it's a bad one. :D Can I run it by you?

A stretch goal that would enable me to buy a better (longer-lasting) computer, and the perk is a survey where the top 10 donors can choose a question (with caveats, see below).

@matt Ahh, apologies for the delay in replying, it's been hectic over here! I'm actually alright for Microsofts, I bought Excel a couple of years ago for a one-off fee, but thank you - if anything weird happens and somehow I do need Microsoft 365 I will let you know! :)

On the downside, Crowdfunder have scaled the prediction for the final amount raised down to quite a fancy car, which I will obviously get in purple with yellow, white and black go-faster stripes.

On the upside, 50% of the way to a good computer! 🎉✨ Thank you!

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A big thank you to everyone who's donated and shared so far - 25% raised, and well on the way to... putting a deposit down on a house, apparently??

Crowdfunder: crowdfunder.co.uk/laptop-for-g

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Would you like to chip in a couple of £/€/$ to help me upgrade my tech so that I can run the Gender Census again in 2022?


re: similar poll 

@Mayana @cadadr Yes, gendercensus.tumblr.com/post/6 this is the survey results post I would have linked you to if I had logged into my lgbt.io account!

2,998 responses, and the survey was conducted on Google Forms, so respondents largely came from Twitter, the Fediverse, Reddit, Tumblr, and Facebook. TL;DR: "Themself" was considered preferable to and more correct than "themselves".

There's also some relevant info in here: gendercensus.tumblr.com/post/6

Wiktionary says:

"they (third-person, nominative case, usually plural, sometimes singular, objective case them, possessive their, possessive noun theirs, reflexive themselves, or, singular, themself)"


@mousebot Ohhh interesting, no one else has mentioned that - I wonder if this is true? I will try to remember to look into it.

@enchantedsleeper Yeah, I guess I was wondering if people use a full stop because they want it to match Mr etc, or not, because it's not a contraction and therefore it should match Miss!

In British English, all titles (Mr, Ms, etc) are written without a full stop/period.

To my knowledge, in American English Mr and Mrs are usually followed by a period/full stop, but Miss isn't.

People who usually write in American English, which do you use?

hetero-attracted aces, do you consider yourself straight, queer, both, neither or other? I ask this without any gatekeepy bullshit, just out of interest. If you like a label, it's yours :) boosting is appreciated for larger sample size

My 6-year-old nibling is having gender feels and is thinking that maybe "demiboy" is a good identity description but is unsure, and is concerned about coming out. My sibling-in-law is helping, being nb themselves, but the kid also wanted me to weigh in as a non-cis, non-parent figure.

I have...no experience with young childhood coming-out or with the demi identities. Does anyone know of a good set of resources for this?

request for book recs, boosts welcome 

Hi all!

One of my dear friends has a child who is beginning to question their gender identity (specifically, they have questions about what it means to be nonbinary, as they believe that they may be!).

Her kiddo is eleven and is looking for books about coming out as nonbinary and support/affirmation for those that are.

Book recs for mom and kid would be greatly appreciated. ty!

@madewokherd You're right, and also because it means something different to the participant I want to record it the way they would want it to be recorded, especially if they felt strongly enough about it that they typed it in even though an identical set was already available as a checkbox.

@madewokherd @Satsuma That makes sense, but the purpose of the word being included doesn't prevent you from being able to check the box, and it also future-proofs a little bit for in case people start wanting to specify that their pronouns are some other type of "they". Considering people enter identity words and pronouns with asterisks and numbers in, I would be 0% surprised if people started specifying indefinite they as their pronouns in the textboxes... :D

@madewokherd The ways of using "they" basically boil down to the intent/meaning of the word, and words are created to convey meaning, so I would probably argue that they are the *point* of the words and the most important part! Like, in French the word for avocado and the word for lawyer are the same spelling, but they are definitely different words. :D

@madewokherd All the other sets have something in the "name" position, even if it's just "he" or whatever, and some sets do have names that aren't the pronouns, like Spivak and Elverson, so I'd like to keep it there! It's not like it adds confusion. :D

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