Just wanted to drop in a quick tweet to let you all know that I'm aware that sign-ups to the mailing list are broken - it's because we've hit TinyLetter's 5,000 subscriber limit, and I'm working on an alternative right now. :)

(Just waiting on AWS to un-sandbox me, c u in 500 years)


AWS never did co-operate but I found an alternative and it seems to be working? 🎉🤞

Anyone who wants to join the mailing list can now do so here: gendercensus.com/mailing-list

@gendercensus Who did you end up going with? I'm a fan of Mailgun since they do one thing and do it really well, although they're a bit expensive for running just a mailing list.

@fluffy Okay I'll describe it, but It's confusing and kind of a mess, I wouldn't recommend following my example! XD

Sendy needs to be installed on a server, but gendercensus.com is a wordpress.com hosted site, and that doesn't give you server access for installing things.

So I installed Sendy on the server of another website I maintain, where I do have server access, but used the gendercensus.com email addresses in all the settings for the mailing list itself.

And then Amazon AWS rejected me and wouldn't explain why, so I went with Elastic Email instead, which is more expensive but also WAY more user-friendly and has really good and helpful tutorials and really nice customer service people - well worth the extra money.

So we're looking at maybe about £150 per year, and a confusing mailing list registration URL!

@gendercensus ah, for just getting an outgoing MTA I’d still recommend mailgun, especially if you’re only sending a few thousand emails per month.

@fluffy Just having a look at their pricing and yowza, I assumed a standing charge of a few cents per day was normal, if Mailgun doesn't have a standing charge then that makes a lot more sense financially - I only send out maybe up to 6 emails per year! (Does Mailgun's pay as you go tier not have a standing charge, or have they hidden that somewhere?)

@gendercensus For my personal email server I’ve never exceeded the free tier and have thus never paid a single cent for it (I only send a hundred or so emails per month).

For a mailing list remember to multiply your message count by the number of people on the mailing list though.

But yeah Mailgun’s free tier is incredibly generous, and even when you cross the threshold into enterprise pricing it’s pretty darn good.

@gendercensus Oh and yeah with 5500 subscribers you’ll need to pay for it but yeah the cost is purely per email, there’s no standing/daily charge.

I *think* your payment pool resets monthly though, so it’ll be effectively like you have 6000 subscribers. Still, that doesn’t affect the math much.

@fluffy Okay yeah that all sounds good, I'm going to log in and see if I can brain it. :D

@gendercensus Cool, glad I could help you save some money. :)

Oh also I wrote up a brief tutorial on setting up multiple outgoing domains with Mailgun using Postfix as a relay, since it’s a *little* counter-intuitive: beesbuzz.biz/blog/9902-Setting

(You don’t have to do that if you just configure your things to talk to Mailgun directly but having a local Postfix relay can make life a lot easier for some things)

@fluffy This is the part where I don't know what any of those words mean, so I'll just do the thing I know how to do! :P

@gendercensus Haha totally fair! If you needed to do the thing you’d understand the words I used. Just stick to using Mailgun’s accounts directly. :)

@fluffy Oop, had to install a thing, got stuck - I'll go back to the more expensive thing, and just remember that Mailgun exists and is cheap, and I'll come back to it when I know what I'm doing a bit more. :D

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