Would you like to chip in a couple of £/€/$ to help me upgrade my tech so that I can run the Gender Census again in 2022?


A big thank you to everyone who's donated and shared so far - 25% raised, and well on the way to... putting a deposit down on a house, apparently??

Crowdfunder: crowdfunder.co.uk/laptop-for-g

On the downside, Crowdfunder have scaled the prediction for the final amount raised down to quite a fancy car, which I will obviously get in purple with yellow, white and black go-faster stripes.

On the upside, 50% of the way to a good computer! 🎉✨ Thank you!

Today I adjusted the goal down from £1,300 to £1,200 because I received a donation of £100 by bank transfer, which means there's only £30 and 3 days to go!


I am very thankful to the people who donated even though the goal had been met, because it helped cover Crowdfunder fees and also accommodate my being a doofus about the laptop prices. 😅


TL;DR: I just bought my new laptop, and it arrives in 10-15 days!


The new laptop is here and it's very swish. I'm enjoying the bigger screen and the nice dark grey and everything happening when I click/press, instead of 0.8-45 seconds later! Thank you everyone! 😁🖤

Stay tuned for the UK results report, and also swearing via my personal Twitter account while I install Excel and then learn how to use it...

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