Okay I'm having an idea and I'm not sure if it's a bad one. :D Can I run it by you?

A stretch goal that would enable me to buy a better (longer-lasting) computer, and the perk is a survey where the top 10 donors can choose a question (with caveats, see below).


There would be a checkbox to make sure that participants are binary-defying/-transcending in some way, and a question asking for how they describe that (nonbinary, trans, agender, etc etc), so the vibe is, "if you could ask ALL genderly interesting people any question at all..."

And then I would write up a report of the responses, so that you can find out what the best flavour of ice cream is according to nonbinary people, for example...??

- I can veto questions on ethical grounds;
- I have editorial/design control to ensure data quality, but we can discuss it before I edit;
- No questions where the answer is just a textbox, for my sanity;
- No questions about gender/sex, plurality or gender critical stuff.

Every year I get a lot of people asking me to ask questions that are outside of the scope of the survey (e.g. not about gender, not about language, etc) so this would be a chance for people to pose those questions. But also I fully expect several questions to be blatantly silly!

Your thoughts are very welcome!

Oh and just in case it wasn't clear, this would NOT happen in the annual *serious* survey, it would be a separate one-off obviously non-serious crowdfunder survey.

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