Complete the sentence!

"My pronouns are..."

For the purposes of this poll:

a) Singular they, referring to only 1 person: they are themSELF

b) Singular they, referring to only 1 person: they are themSELVES

c) Plural they, referring to 2+ people: they are themSELVES

All boosts are very much appreciated - the results could affect the next annual Gender Census survey, and the previous version of this poll had 120 votes, which was really helpful! :)

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Bumping today's new poll for the 5-hours-later crowd! πŸš€

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13 hours left on this poll for anyone whose pronouns are they/them!

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@gendercensus I used to go by they/them but I no longer do. Should I still vote?

@Dolly Yeah, you can vote for "any, other, see results". :)

@gendercensus I meant like "should I vote for the variant of they/them that I used to go by"?

@Dolly Probably not, since if you completed the sentence like "my pronouns are... [some variant of they]" then that wouldn't be true, right?

@gendercensus Fair enough. I've made sure to boost since some of my followers do currently go by they/them, thanks!

@gendercensus You're doing very valuable work by the way! Thank you! Seeing the results of previous census (censi?) has helped me feel a lot less alone in this world. :heart_cyber:

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