People whose pronouns are they/them, which do you prefer?

For the purposes of this poll:

Singular they, referring to only one person: they/them/their/theirs/themSELF

Plural they, referring to two or more people: they/them/their/theirs/themSELVES

A later-evening bump for this new poll for they/them pronoun people.


@gendercensus singletsona: They, I don't care if "themself" or "themselves". plural space: if referring to whole system, plural they.

Both? I think?

If you're referring to one of us, it's themself, if you're referring to a few or all of us, it's themselves.

It's like if you got a group of singlets and asked them to pick one answer, they'd probably say basically what we said above, right?

Unless we're misunderstanding something here?

@gendercensus I'm not plural but when I need to use this pronoun set I use they/themselves, because "themself" doesn't look like a real word.

@gendercensus just dropping this comment so I can review the outcome in a couple of days.

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