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49 votes so far on this poll about pronouns - any more takers? :)

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@gendercensus when i'm using spivak pronouns for someone else i'll usually go with "ey" unless they specify otherwise, because "e" kind of sounds like "he" and i don't want to hurt them by not enunciating clearly enough

@mxsparks That makes sense! :)

Unrelatedly, only one of the sets (the newer one) is called Spivak!

➡️ Spivak - e/em/eir/eirs/emself - written about by Michael Spivak in the 1990s. [source: Nonbinary Wiki]

➡️ Elverson - ey/em/eir/eirs/emself - created by Christine M Elverson in the 1970s. [source: Nonbinary Wiki]

@gendercensus oh neat! i knew "e" was the one Spivak originally suggested, but i had no idea the Elverson set had its own name or that it was older

@mxsparks Yeah, an understandable not-knowing, I'd say! I think Elverson is a little less well-known.

@gendercensus Ours are (we're plural/endogenic {not did}) so we use plural they/them, it/its

And ze/zem/zirs when talking about 1 of us

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