Here's a brief language survey:

Anyone of any gender can participate, as long as they live in an English-speaking country. It will close no sooner than Saturday 10th April at 12 noon UK time (BST).

(It is more casual in nature, so please do report any problems with it here or in the feedback box. I may need to close the survey to make ninja edits on the fly for the first hour or two!)

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This mini-survey is up to over 600 participants now!

I don't know why there are so many of you from Ontario, Canada, but I am intrigued - hello, Ontario, and thank you for inputting your location so uniformly!

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A note for USians: This is an international survey. If you just say you're from The South I will assume you are in the southern hemisphere.

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I've made a public automatically updating spreadsheet so you can see how many people have taken part and where they live:

Share the survey link around to make sure your area is represented! Open to anyone of any gender:

Please note that there is a new version of this survey here:

If you've taken part in the first version (purple) you will need to take part in this new version (green) too.

Thank you!

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