People whose pronouns are singular they (they/them), which reflexive do you prefer others to use when talking about you?

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People whose pronouns are singular they (they/them), which reflexive do you think is correct?

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Since it's been a few hours, I thought I'd bump this short thread of polls for people in a new selection of timezones. :)

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@gendercensus we always went with themself but after realizing we were plural I'm not sure what we want to do

- Packbats 🎒 💭

@gendercensus "themself" for singular they, "themselves" for plural they (me and my headmates)!

seconding this. "~self" is singular, "~selves" is plural. the former would be used for one individual in this body, the latter for some or all of us in the body.

@gendercensus I think it depends on what the person being referred to wants, i.e. they/themself and they/themselves are both valid pronoun sets. But I'd refer to they/themselves as "plural they".

@gendercensus I didn't read the second poll correctly, and meant to click "either" because language is weird and either one are definitely correct! Just like you, even when used singularly, can be like "You are awesome", but people who say "You is awesome" are hardly incorrect despite being more technically correct. But euro-society would generally think of them as less literate. fucked up really

I like themselves and using "are" instead of is, because it's just what my brain says is more correct because it's what I'm used to.

@gendercensus where's the option for "most people don't know how to use the reflexive so I'd never hear it anyway"? :P

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