I've got a noob terminology question for plural folks.

How would you say "once per person" but about, like, bodies? My brain intuitively presents for consideration "once per body" but that feels a bit weird and seems like it could be confusing?

Alright, it seems like "once per body" probably is the right wording after all! Thanks everyone. :)

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Would any plural folks be up for having a read of this and telling me if I've got the language right? Is it clear, is the grammar correct and typical, etc?

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@gendercensus I think the heuristic of "refer to the specific thing that matters" is probably a good one here - "respondents", "voters", "voiceboxes" (for, like, podcasts), and the like

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@packbat It's about guidance for plural people taking the survey! So I want to say, in a general sense, that the survey should be filled in once per ______. Body? Brain? Is there an elegant way to say that?

@gendercensus sincere question: why that restriction?

Like, we haven't /really/ thought it through, but if I wanted to make the Gender Census more complicated to represent plural systems better, what I might do is:

- have a question about plurality/multiplicity, and
- let respondents who tick the "yes, I am or am part of a plural/multiple system" box loop through the gender questions once for the system as a whole and then as many times as they consider relevant for specific members within the system

but, like, yeah ... we haven't thought it through, but we wanted to ask "why".

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@packbat It's beyond the scope of the survey, I'm doing a blog post about it to explain it a bit and I'm going to add it to the FAQs also. More plural people seem to ask me for guidance on how to fill it in every year so I decided it was probably time to make a firm decision!

So yeah - "once per body", does that seem weird? Do you know of a better way to put it?

@gendercensus *nods*

In that case, "once per body" or, if it's not too wordy, "once per body (singlet or plural/multiple system)"? I would definitely:

- explain the issue with scope in the FAQ response, because I imagine a fair few people in plural systems would want to fill out answers individually; and
- make sure the wording on the results post talk specifically about "respondents" or something like that.

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@gendercensus (kind of a gut feeling on it, but I think the "singlet or plural/multiple system" parenthetical helps not other plural systems, because instead of it being plural systems vs. [implicitly normal people], systems and singlets are both put on the same level. Like saying 'cis and trans'.)

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@gendercensus We'd probably substitute "brain" for "mind" in the second paragraph, but it all looks very good - the explanation of the function of this survey does a good job of highlighting why "one response per body" is the approach that serves this survey best.

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