A very important statistical investigation* by a follower using the responses from last year's Gender Census, plus I throw in a bit of wild speculation.

* it's memes

My speculation on the observed pattern regarding the content at the end pondering on the possible origin of the pattern; tumblr is horrible for seeing if anyone has actually responded rather than just reblogged so on the probably slender chance no one has already mentioned the, "none pizza, left beef," meme my suspicion is that's why they're all using left and not right. (

My speculation on the observed pattern 

@LilFluff The statistical thing is *about* none pizza left beef, but the ponderings on why everyone chose left and not right was about the second table where people mentioned directions in their genders *without it being a none pizza left beef reference*, where they *also* didn't mention the direction "right" at all, only "left". Like, someone saying "girl, but a little to the right" should be as common as "girl, but a little to the left", but it's not!! WHY >:OOO

My speculation on the observed pattern 

@LilFluff Unless you mean that you think all the people mentioning a direction in their gender terms are subtly referencing none pizza left beef, and I just misunderstood? :D That is not unlikely, I am quite tired at the moment!

re: My speculation on the observed pattern even though I just got up im still pretty tired and doesn't really read quite close enough myself.

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