@gendercensus I wrote a quick Python script to determine the percentage of people who selected each identity checkbox that ALSO selected "enby", and here's what I got: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

@gendercensus I see no clear pattern with regard to more "feminine" or "masculine" identity words.

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@gendercensus People who checked "woman" or "man" checked "enby" less often, but for most identity words, anyone who checked them is more likely to have checked "enby" than the general set of responses. I would guess that people who choose an identity word (except binary, woman, man, none, or cisgender...) are more likely to choose another identity word, and if so this doesn't tell me anything about "enby" specifically.

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@madewokherd Interesting! Thanks for telling me about it. :) What were the expectations or speculations that you wanted to test with this?

@gendercensus I noticed, in a very small group, some transmasculine people not liking "enby" for themselves as much as transfeminine people. I speculated that the same might happen for other related pairs, but nope.

@madewokherd Ohhhh cool! This is very interesting, I'll make a copy of your spreadsheet and have a poke around when it's not 6am. :P Thank you!

@gendercensus Cool, let me know if you want me to do that with any other words, or send you the code.

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