@gendercensus the clear drop-off of usage of the term "enby" that happens in the GenX range is interesting. Has the data from previous years shown this to happen solely by age or has it slid upward year by year? (Or is there not really enough data to say one way or another?)

@the This year is the first I've asked for age in a sensible way, so it's impossible to say! I'm thinking that older people, who are less likely to be Very Online, might not know about the term "enby" and that is probably at least partially a factor.

@gendercensus I wonder if this is generational or age based. I think it might be odd to compare enby and boy/girl since boy/girl have existed for longer than enby has (correct me if I'm wrong)

@gendercensus Follow-up question: Among people who selected "enby" and among those who don't, which words have the greater difference? Based on a conversation in Nonbinary Zone discord, people who choose "enby" for themselves may be more likely to choose feminine identity words and less likely to choose masculine ones. (I may do this myself when the data is released, if you don't.)

@madewokherd Oh that does sound like an interesting thread to pull! I'm unlikely to get to it, but if you did I'd be interested to see and reblog/signal boost. :)

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