@gendercensus because of queers position as an umbrella term, theres a lot of ‘soft’ identification with the word, which’d account for people clicking it once it’s an option, but not thinking to write it in


@Satsuma Yeah, some people have pointed out things along those lines, and if I look at it at the right angle the vaguer terms do seem to be selected more when they're added as checkbox options, so maybe that's it!

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@gendercensus i agree that its a pretty dramatic jump, but I think in the context of umbrella terms its not necessarily an implausible jump?

I definitely checked it this year, despite not writing it in previously. I’m not actually 100% sure what I’d do if the check box said queer (as a gender term) or whatever but I definitely consider it an umbrella identity that I fall under so

@Satsuma I guess we will find out next year, when I make it a bit more specific. :)

@gendercensus it’ll be interesting to see how the numbers change next year I suppose!

(Similarly, have you considered asking a set of sexuality questions? It could be interesting)

@Satsuma I have considered the sexuality questions, but I ruled it out because it's not something I'm personally interested in so I'd probably not do a very good job of it! I might do it one year, as a one-off question, but I don't see it happening in the foreseeable future.

@Satsuma I think part of it is I just can't work out how the sexual orientation system really works or how I fit into it, I keep trying to figure it out and just when I think I've got the knack it slides out from under me and I am like 🙃 again! Nonbinary problems, probably.

@gendercensus yeah a lot of it was built before there was any clear conceptualization of non-binaryness (as much as there even is a conceptualization now I mean) so the way the words line up can be...wonky

But thats part of why I think its so interesting to hear what words people use!

@Satsuma Oh truuue, it definitely would be interesting! Maybe I'm just not the person for this particular job then. Which is a shame, because I am very curious and like running surveys... :P

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