@gendercensus not much to say other than that you are assuming that people don't know what they are talking about when they call themselves queer.

The separation between gender and sexuality is somewhat artificial, pushed onto people who don't fit into the gender binary by cisnormativity and also forced onto non white/non Christian cultures by white/Christian imperialism. (Queer is a word that has been favoured by non white people for example with the use of kweer by Asian Americans)

For many people outside of the gender binary who do separate gender and sexuality, both can equally be said to be queered.

@GoodGirlElly Right, we agree. Can you point to where I'm gatekeeping? Where did I say who can or can't call themselves queer and why? Because if I have done that then I would like to fix the wording!

I'm not assuming that people don't know what they're talking about when they call themselves queer, I'm suggesting that I might have designed the question badly and if I redesign it to more accurately reflect what I want to know then the results might change.

@gendercensus oops I totally forgot to fill that out. Oh well, I'm binary to a first approximation anyway so I might just pollute the data anyway

@keiyakins Well, if you feel like your gender isn't binary then I would encourage you to fill it in, but yeah there's always next year! :)

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