The sixth annual international Gender Census 2019 is now open until 25th March!

It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business, and self-advocacy.

We just hit 400 responses, which is not bad for less than an hour. :D

It’s about 9 participants per minute, if you’re into that kind of thing!

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We're almost at 800 responses (epic), and it's 10pm where I am, so I'm going to go and get some sleep.

If you felt like helping out by boosting the signal and sharing posts and the survey URL, that could make for me doing this 👀 when I see the numbers tomorrow.


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We’re well over 3,200 responses now.

Can anyone help get the word out to more diverse groups and people outside of social media? Can you email this link to someone you know who’s not on Twitter?

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The sixth annual international Gender Census is going really well so far - day 3 and about 4,500 responses!

The goal to beat is last year’s 11,000-ish participants. Can you get the word out by email or WhatsApp, to people who might not otherwise see it?

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Day 5 of the Gender Census and things are good! It always slows down after the rush of the first few days.

We’re at 6,300 responses, and still climbing. :)

If you’ve got followers whose genders are binary-rejecting, please consider spreading the word!

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To beat last year’s total, we just need to get over 95 responses per day until the deadline.

Today there’s just 22 more responses needed to reach that goal.

Have you taken part? Do you know anyone who might be interested?

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@gendercensus our methods of communication may change but the gender census never does

@gendercensus Whoever did the CSS: Please style the input fields backgrounds, too or don't give the text any color at all.
This doesn't work well with the system being in dark mode. :)

@gendercensus On the buttons it's the same issue. If you style both you can read them, if not the system can style them at least.

But styling only one part is not a good way.

@alsternerd I didn't do the CSS, but I can pass feedback onto the survey software company. Can you tell me which browser and OS you're using and what "dark mode" means, please?

@gendercensus Dark mode simply means in this case reversing the color, so that white appears dark and the other way around.
It's Firefox 65.0.1 in dark mode on Debian Stretch. But should apply to all Firefox/OS versions since FF 60/Quantum. (That's when it was introduced in Firefox.)

@gendercensus It is! You can find it under themes. :)
On some browser/OSs theming of input field is also done by the OS/UI you're using.

@alsternerd Awesome. :) Thanks for all the info, I've emailed them to ask someone to get back to me so I can report it as a bug.

@alsternerd No worries. :) I'm afraid that since I don't use Firefox I'll have no way of testing it so I might not be able to get back to you if they fix it. But hopefully they will sort it out ASAP and you can take part. :)

@alsternerd An update! They responded pretty quickly. They said:

We have checked the survey in dark mode on Firefox, however, the buttons and field inputs are appearing okay for us:




It looks like the user is experiencing this issue due to a compatibility issue between their OS and dark mode. This is not something that anyone has pointed out to us in the past, however, we will take the feedback onboard and if possible in the future, we will update the compatibility for that OS and browser configuration.

In regards to this respondent’s continued response, we would recommend that they switch dark mode off, or save their response and then continue on a different computer running a different OS, or continue on a smartphone or tablet.

@alsternerd So I've replied and asked them to confirm that text still shows up when they type something in the box, and I guess we'll see!

@alsternerd I asked them for a screenshot of how it looks to them and they sent me this:

@gendercensus we filled this out and it was a little awkward filling in "plural they" as it's the same as/similar to "singular they."

also, didn't put in "we" as it's first person not third person, but we use it

@Kabit Ahhh yeah, that thing where the only difference between plural they and singular they is themselves vs. themself! But not enough people entered plural they for it to be a checkbox option, sadly.

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