The Gender Census 2019 is now open until 25th March!

It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business, and self-advocacy.

@gendercensus yall need a domain name! I almost didn't do it cause of seeing the .UK

@liaizon Well, we've got but in the past I've had technical problems with the redirect so I wanted to give people the most direct URL possible!

Once I've tested it all properly I'll make a new post with the .com and add a note to the post that it's international. Thanks for the feedback. :)

@liaizon I just had a poke around and Tumblr have changed things such that redirects are no longer a thing! So I don't know if I'm going to be able to fix that. :/ Any ideas?

@gendercensus loads the post for me so that seems fine, though you might want to move off of tumblr cause they are sorta fucked up these days since deleting all nipples...

@liaizon It's a mess and I am SO annoyed about their nipple crusade, it is ridiculous. But I'm very established here, and it's the platform where I get the most promotional help and survey participation, so I don't think I'll be moving anytime soon.

@gendercensus you could set up a subdomain like and then have that redirect to wherever you want or have the actual survey embedded in that page. and still use as your tumblr account. maybe best of both worlds. I am so mad about the tumblr thing too I am leaving behind like 10 years of followers and community.

@liaizon Augh, I'm sorry that you're having to leave, that must be a wrench. :(

I'll investigate the subdomain thing and see what I can work out. Thank you! :)

@gendercensus from your domain registrar its super easy. also happy to talk you though it if that helps at all.

@gendercensus not loading anything for me. dns might not have propagated yet. I assume your in the UK?

@liaizon I am! I posted on my main account asking for feedback, and it looks like https:// isn't working but http:// is! So I'll just make it http:// and see how it goes...?

@gendercensus yep the http worked, but sadly most browsers these days will not accept that and will default to the https. You need to set up https from your registrar probably

@gendercensus the main settings for https are actually not in this screenshot, whos your registrar?

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