Here’s a survey about titles that should only take 3 minutes or so, for literally anyone who speaks English:

It’ll end at noon UK time on Sunday 13th January 2019 at the soonest.

Every survey response, RT and boost is really helpful! Thank you. :)

Well, we beat the participation count for the last survey in 2014 after a little over half an hour, so I think we’re doing okay! :)

(It was only 118 so the bar was low, but we’re currently at 131 and climbing fast!)

Spy on participation numbers here:

Since it won’t bias the results to publish in real time, you can now see how many people from each country are represented in the results!

Top 5 of 26 countries so far:

United States: 43%
United Kingdom: 19%
Germany: 11%
Canada: 7%
Austria: 3%

We just went over 1,000 responses, so I’m going to stop playing with spreadsheets for the night and come back to this tomorrow. :)

Thanks everyone for all your help and participation so far! The more the merrier!

There have now been almost 2,000 responses, with 57 countries represented! And the participation chart is starting to look like some kind of something, too. :D

Survey, open to all English-speakers:

Participation tracker:

There have now been over 2,500 responses, and I am enjoying tinkering with the graphs and charts and tables in the spreadsheet to spot trends as they come in. :)

If you’ve not taken part yet, here’s the survey link:

It’s open to all English-speakers!

This survey is now closed and I’m writing up the results. :)


Why do you want to inform Google about all your victim's choices?

@gendercensus Just to let you know, Firefox gives a warning about the site (or maybe it was .org? I managed to forget already), linked at the end, having an invalid security configuration, and thus won't let me connect.

@Felthry Oh, that is unfortunate and I have no idea how to deal with it. :/ I will contact my domain people. Thank you!

@gendercensus @Felthry Google Chrome also produces an error - there seems to be a problem with how the HTTPS is set up. The specific error is "ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID".

@pjm @Felthry That's odd, I'm using Chrome and have no error. Thank you, I will add this to the pile!

@pjm @Felthry To help me with trouble-shooting - do either of you have problems with ?

@gendercensus @Felthry No, though that seems to redirect to (i.e. without HTTPS security).

Looking in more detail, that's the problem - the HTTPS certificate is for, but it's redirecting to your own domain name, so it's causing an error. Looks like the last update to this post has some help for that:

@pjm @Felthry Amazing! That was very easy, thank you, all done. :D

@gendercensus The country picker is too hard to scroll on my feeble old phone so I couldn't get past the first page 😭

@pdc Augh, I heard it was a bit of a nightmare on mobile. :( I feel you, I'm in the UK so scrolling to "United Kingdom" wayyy down near the bottom of the list is very annoying. It's a Google Forms thing so I don't think I can fix it. Can you send the link to yourself to take part on desktop later?

@gendercensus Yes, I blame the hubris of the Google Material Design Team. Once I got home I found it works fine on my desktop browser

@pdc Ahhh that is good, I am glad you were able to take part. :)

I went mooching on the Google product forums and there are complaints about this going back to at least 2016, so we're not the only ones!

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