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A consultation on the identity question in the Gender Census annual survey:

The identity checkbox list is getting very long! I have some thoughts about what I could do about this, but I want to check how you all feel about them first.

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The worldwide report for the 2022 Gender Census is now published:

It's about language preferences about genders beyond the binary.

You can also read a summary of the big three questions (identities, titles and pronouns) here:

A reminder: this account will now post very rarely. For more frequent updates, here we are on Mastodon/the Fediverse:


Put either of those into your Mastodon/Fediverse search box and we should majestically appear. :)

For those trans folk out there who are straight/hetero, I'm curious, do you view your orientation as a queer experience?

Please boost so I can find those other straight trans folk out there.

I'm not asking about being queer as an aspect of being trans, but rather, whether you view your orientation itself as queer.

For me, I view my orientation as inherently queer, but I get the feeling I'm very much the minority in that.

#trans #transgender #orientation #poll #queer #QueerIdentity

Last week, I did a survey about which pronouns people prefer in a sentence that needs a pronoun for someone of unknown gender. It mirrors a survey I did back in 2007.

This is obviously not scientific, but I believe the respondents are a roughly similar group. Here's how much attitudes have changed.

#grammar #writing #AmEditing #Bookstodon

Follow-up poll, because now I'm feeling like my choices were a touch too presumptive: Same question, same audience, but maybe I missed the range I should have aimed for.

How often do you, as a cis person, fantasize about being a different gender?

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Hey cis friends, have you ever fantasized about being a different gender? Any context: sex or cool clothes or whatever, no shame attached.

Trans folks commonly think everyone questions their gender, but the few cis folks I've asked either say no, or only a tiny handful of times.

If none of these choices make sense for you, my DMs are open.

Trans friends, please sit this one out, but please do boost for reach.

Okay I'm curious about what folks here use in regards to "transfemme" vs "transfem". If you are transfeminine or could be described by either term (even if you don't like them yourself), I'd appreciate your vote on how you feel about those two options.

Also curious to hear any extra thoughts/distinctions you make, limited poll options (especially without crosstabs!) make it hard to capture everything.

Boosts appreciated! :boost_requested:#poll #trans #transfem #transfemme

Check our gut on this: if you are in any way disabled, how do you prefer people to refer to you? :boost_requested:

Time for the biannual UK petition:

"Legally recognise non binary gender identity"

149 signatures so far, but previous petitions have received thousands so this is in with a chance of being debated in parliament.

Anyone who is a British citizen or living in the UK can sign.

Track signatures here:

[ #UK #petition #nonbinary #trans ]

Wow, wow, WOW 🤩🤩

#RStudio #RTutor
RT @Physacourses
This is just amazing!
Have a look at RTutor ( It can generate & test R code just by “chatting” with it.
RTutor will then generate functional code to answer your question, making it easy for those without R experience
#RStats #MachineLearning #DataScience

Reminder that I collect weird, whacky, and bizarre form fields related to gender collection at and would welcome people submitting more

Alright I have a question for my fellow trans people this time. When did yall realize you were trans?

#Trans #Poll

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Dear women of mastodon:
How often do you have people being weird in your DMs on here?

#introductons ? Okay!

Hello! We are a lending library and community space located in Ottawa, ON. We are focused on transgender-related topics; we have fiction, nonfiction, trans biographies, as well as collections of newsletters and periodicals from the Ottawa area.

Patrons are welcome to come and enjoy free coffee, tea, and wifi. We are a community space in addition to a library and you are welcome to come hang out, relax, chat with our librarians, meet with your friends, or make new ones!

We have regular events in addition to normal hours, check for more info.

Please only respond if you identify as trans, thank you

"I am trans and..."

(Edit: removed boost request as poll is closed)

I'm curious, how do you prefer to consume information online?

Would be amazing if you could boost for improved statistical rigour and all that jazz. #poll #content #information

Hey 👋🏽 I’d love help sharing this project……
Parents of Gender Diverse Children and Professor Sandy O’Sullivan and their amazing team at the Centre For Global Indigenous Futures, are collaborating to create resources for Parents and Caregivers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Gender Diverse Children.
If you are an Indigenous gender diverse adult or the primary care giver of an Indigenous gender diverse young person we would love your input. Survey below 👇🏽
#indigenous #trans #transmob #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #AboriginalAndTorresStraitIslander

Next time someone complains about singular "they" I'll point them to this 17th century rant against singular "you"

Also I can provide invite links to and if needed! Contact me on any of the above or email: hello AT gendercensus DOT com.

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In light of Absolute Scenes at Twitter HQ, you can always find me at, but here's some social media links:

Mailing list:

Trans friends, how do you answer “sex at birth” questions on medical questionnaires online? Particularly when it’s not relevant, ie checking symptoms for something not related to sexual organs.

“Alternative method” might be using phone to speak to medical professional or waiting till appointment.

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