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Gender Census

Gender Census 2018 - The Full Report (Worldwide)

This article includes the worldwide results for all the major questions, plus improved charts.

[Update] The article about English neutral pronouns has been updated with the latest @gendercensus data.

See how nonbinary people use pronouns here:

I put together some example sentences for all the popular from the 2018 survey of over 11,000 participants:

Next up is:

1. Double-checking everything.
2. Writing up a report of everything in one blog post.
3. Condensing all of it into a summary blog post.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t take me too long. I’ve got all the info I need so it’s mostly a case of writing it all up.

These are my first steps in setting up a support and social group for trans and nonbinary people in Machynlleth.

I don't know how long it'll take, but it'll be a booked space in the evening rather than a café/pub and it'll probably be fortnightly.

Feel free to DM if interested!

The titles report is up!

- Mx (up 3.0%)
- No title at all (up 1.6%)
- Mr (up 3.5%)
- Ms (up 2.9%)
- Non-gendered prof/acad. (down 10.6%)

[Update] Identity articles now show an infobox with the flag and its meaning, related identities, popularity (data from the @gendercensus) and a link to its pride gallery. 📊

Check the article for an example! 💛

This year I intend to write a blog post for the results of each question, and then combine them into two big reports (UK and worldwide) at the end.

I’m hoping this will break down the dauntingly large task into many smaller, more attainable goals. :)

The first blog post of results for the 2018 gender census is up!

It’s the results of the question about the spelling of - both in the UK and worldwide.

This year’s gender census is now closed!

Thank you to everyone who took part and shared the link around, I really appreciate it. :)

And it helped a lot - there are over 11,000 responses.

#UK #petition: Recognise #nonbinary people in law

“We call on the government to recognise nonbinary people in law as distinct from men and women, in the form of a third gender option on passports and birth certificates…” #trans #LGBT

My new place will hopefully have internet in the next couple of days, so I expect to be closing the survey shortly afterwards. :)

I've mostly finished moving house, and I get internet at my new place on Thursday, just to update you! The survey is still open.

So, in a somewhat frustrating turn of events, if all goes well I’ll be getting keys to a new place on 1st March - the day that the survey is due to close.

I’m thinking it’s likely the survey will stay open past the deadline, and I might be late to start processing results.

The results!
RT I'm really curious about this. Nonbinary people! Do you use "enby" for yourself?