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We now have a Patreon:

... for those of you who would like to sign up to donate whenever and just automatically throw in a couple of quid every February or so!

(A big thank you to everyone who's helped promote the Patreon page, it's doing really well and you are all very much appreciated!)

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One last push before I start properly gearing up for this year's survey - does anyone have a spare £/€/$ for the Patreon crowdfunding pot? :)

Another year, another census for those of us who defy the binary. :)

Our first job is to gather enough funds to cover custom code for a particular survey question. Can you chip in a £/$/€ or two on Patreon?

poll for trans people on hrt, :boost_ok: 

do you feel like your endo and other doctors know what they are doing?

We're about £40 into the £480 goal for custom question code in the 2021 census. The more we can get via Patreon, the less we'll have to raise in 2021 before the next survey.

Can you pledge a £/$/€ or two?

Lesbians! Has anyone ever implied that you shouldn't call yourself a lesbian because it's outdated or problematic?

#poll #lesbian #lesbians #LGBT #LGBTQ

#Trans people in the UK who've had treatment on the NHS in the last 5 years, a #poll for you.

Have you had to lie to your NHS gender clinic in order to meet their criteria and get the treatment you needed?

Once again, a big thank you to @andrea for helping me with the behind-the-scenes tech stuff, it all went much more smoothly with her assistance!

(She's crowdfunding to get her van fixed since she lost her income due to coronavirus, hint hint:

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This evening I finished copying all Gender Census reports over from the old and busted site to the new hotness site!

The URL is the same but it has a new simple look:

Now we can keep Tumblr for social networking, and have reports in one accessible place.

Now that the site is hosted in a better way, I can tell you about such delightful details as:

Today, more people have visited from the Netherlands than from any other country. Hi, the Netherlands!

I made a PayPal thingie to help me fix my van and get on with my life :
Anything help! Money, prayers, RT and even likes. Thank you so much 🥰

Many thanks to @andrea for being so helpful and patient with me on the behind the scenes tech stuff yesterday for the new website! (She is *really* good.)

If you appreciate her work, a boost or a couple of € towards her van repair costs would improve her day as much as she improved mine. ✨

I'm looking forward to being able to use Tumblr as a social network, and having be a nice simple website and a more consistent resource that works properly.

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I'm in the process of setting up a new website for the non-social-media aspects of the gender census (reports, FAQs, etc.) and as a result some links are broken.

I'm hoping to work on transferring more pages over to the new site tomorrow. Really sorry about the mess!

And another! We're onto the penultimate goal, and the biggest stretch - £480 for the custom survey question design.

30 generous patrons so far!

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We reached another Patreon goal! :) The survey will now be able to go ahead next year in its current form, fully funded by Patreon supporters.

Additional pledges will go towards funding the custom survey question and setting up a better mailing list.

Is anyone aware of anything resembling the Gender Census in languages other than English?

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