It seems that our wonderful Prime Minister here in Canada has turned making an ass of himself into an art form. There are 3 videos/pictures of him in blackface/brownface out there already, but Trudeau can't remember if there might be others. I will be really surprised if he wins the election next month.

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In case you missed it, ProtonMail #Android now lets you access multiple accounts from your Android device. No more logging in and out of your different accounts. With multi-account support, you can manage all your communications on the go. Read more here:

I was rummaging around in a drawer and found a couple of CDs I forgot I had, namely The Beatles' 1 and Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. Great albums.

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Police are already using face recognition to monitor citizens. We’re backing a law in Massachusetts that could help lead the way to defending privacy from government face surveillance.

An interesting video. It was used on TV if there was some time when no commercials were available.

I'm officially out from under Amazon. A few emails and some guilt-tripping did the trick.

Deleting an Amazon account isn't as easy as it may seem. One pretty much has to email them daily or every other day until they get sick of it. Even then, the process might need to be repeated because they didn't believe you the first time.
Time will tell.

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ukpol, Johnson, Yorkshire, amusing clip 

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I got a call from someone saying they were from Canada Revenue Agency a few minutes ago. I knew it was BS because they said I owe them money, and if I don't pay, they'll come and get me. Thing is, the CRA doesn't operate that way. A letter in the mail is the usual way. Needless to say, I blocked the number they used and reported the number.
My suggestion for the scammers is to get a vibrator that plays Oh Come All Ye Faithful and have some fun with it. πŸ˜‹

This is the Millennium series that Stieg Larsson started. He died shortly after handing in the manuscripts of the first 3 books. With permission from Larsson's father and brother, David Lagercrantz continued the series.
I got the latest book earlier in the week, and will have to wait until I finish another book. They're an interesting read.

I had some fun just now. I did a system update on my new phone. πŸ˜‹

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