@northdig Hello yes what app lets you do this? Because I need.

@cybercriminal How do we determine our placement on this chart? Is there a BuzzFeed quiz?


@northdig The only solution now is to ditch the shorts entirely.

@Seebee I’m very much looking forward to drunk toots.

Selfie; possible eye contact 

@loki_leigh You’re so cute! Love the shirt. Wish I could get that much volume in my hair 😜

@cybercriminal Aww, thanks man. I’m trying but it’s hard some days when the depression flares up.

You know that crippling feeling that you’ll never love yourself enough to let someone else love you hahahaha good night.


@dattmay I support this idea. 😉👍

Hi all! Starting a new account to keep all my gay follows/likes/thirst in one place.

Quick intro: I’m Eric, 26, gay but not very good at it. I’m a late bloomer, or I guess still figuring out how to bloom. But I’ll fave your lewds so that’s something.

Also a big nerd, movie lover, Marvel fanboy, and techie. Let’s be friends! lgbt.io/media/KA69MJoG3d2qsq10


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