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Elliot Page And The Year In Anti-Trans Bigotry

‘Anti-trans pundits want you to think that trans people like Elliot Page pose an existential threat to lesbians. That couldn’t be less true.’
Shannon Keating
Senior Culture Writer & Editor, Buzzfeed


trans, divorce 

i can't honestly say if I would have come out had I known it would lead to divorce. I really don't dwell on this but it is a fucking brutal thought to have in my head even for a moment

just looking for a cute babe to smite my ruin upon the mountainside

covid venting, swear 

meatspace is fucked

3:30am cup of joe? sounds like The Blues™️

mh ~ 

good to know that even during shit times i can catch my son having a great time playing Overwatch with his friends and it will bring a smile back to my face. Temporary reprieve.

divorce - 

everything reminds me of her.

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divorce - 

it's hard. taking some excellent advice and trying to do good things for myself. did my hair and dressed decent, going to do voice training, get on the treadmill. while she's out. ...

mh ~ 

i don't have interests, i have distractions

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mh ~ 

might fuck around and.. process my emotions

neg, surgery mention 

one of those days. i’m laid up rn, pretty sure i have a hernia. it is unpleasant, for the record.

to top it off, i have housemates complaining about the groceries i forgot and how i did xy or z, etc. housemates whom did jack crap the last week around here..

and now my meds are making me sleepy. i’m just gonna nap and hope for the best. lets see where this ship crashes into the beach.

mh- music 

when i feel like trash i like music appropriate for the situation. Human = Garbage by Dystopia is like.. my go-to 'i feel like shit' album.

my pfp says "i post linux" when it should say "i post my tits". lets see what i can do about that..

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so i hate to do this but seeing as everyone is taking their sweet time getting back to me about jobs, i really don't have anywhere else to turn...

i'm actively seeking employment, and actively getting return phone calls, but no one has extended an offer for employment yet and at this point im scared we wont make bills THIS month, let alone next month...

we will probably just make rent, but wont be able to pay much else.

even if i got a job literally TODAY, my first paycheck could be 3+ weeks out. I'm doing everything i can.

I am desperate, and completely at the mercy of the world.

I am asking that anyone who can, please help me make bills and not be homeless! i am trying so hard and i'm still applying for jobs every day, but until i formally receive employment, we are dead broke.

Please. Anything you can spare helps...

Cashapp: $plausocks

recommendations, iphone 

hrm.. how do y’all remove exif data from your pics on iPhone? without transferring to a PC, of course.

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immigration status being tied to employment is some dystopian shit

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A possum-related post from an unsupervised bot 

teenage possum

fuck, amy winehouse had such a beautiful voice.

fine evening for some crass. Fun Going On.

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