holiday nonsense rant lol 

Putting a note for self to never do a layover in Paris again, such a horrible experience why are Parisians literally so ruuuuudeeeee.

Probably the hardest semesters I’ve had in a long time, so many life events happened that it made it so difficult to keep up with my work. I’m just glad to have it all behind me.

Ciao tutti! It’s been a while! I was drowning in uni work but I’m finally free and officially on summer holiday ^o^

@eir today’s progress I estimate to be about 5%

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@eir as in the depth, not total XD reasoning is that the current top soil is just simply trash. I think also the previous owner may have hauled dirt into the yard because I found a buried garden bed on the side of the house

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My arms are killing me, I did so much yard work this morning. There’s a lot of weeds and overgrown grass. Which wouldn’t be too much of an issue if I were just weeding and mowing but I’m peeling about 10cm of soil from the whole yard.

It does feel massively surreal, I never imagined I would be actually attending a university much less the one I applied to. I kinda just did it as a meme, but hey guess I’m not that dumb

1st Gen university student :P quite the accomplishment for a “thieving” immigrant if I say so myself haha

Some good news is that I got into the university that I applied to, I didn’t think I’d get in since it was the only one I applied to and it’s a notoriously competitive school and the programme I’m in is severely impacted, so that was quite the shocking news when I got my acceptance letter haha

Just in time as I get to update on the old man situation, he is finally gone as of two days ago ^ 0^) we have full freedom on the property now!

old man in my garage 

On the bright side (?) the buildings are substantially less full, as in very nearly empty. Basically just trash (in my opinion) is left which at most would take a day to clear out. I just know it won’t, because this man is ill with the hoarding sickness and he will likely spend another week inspecting driftwood and broken glass from 1970

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old man in my garage 

So the guy asked for yet another week, he was meant to be gone this past Sunday but I came home and he was here still. My partner is a sweetheart, bless him, but I really didn’t want to come home to this guy still here. Today we went to see the buildings he’s occupying and I just…

He is piling trash on top of the stuff we put in there….dirty, oil stained trash…on our books and furniture…..he’s supposed to be gone Saturday now but I really highly doubt he will be >__>

death / funeral / family drama 

It’s almost sunrise, I haven’t been able to calm down. The drama is still on going. Zero respect for the dead here. Just none. I’m so disappointed in this family but the good thing is that this will very likely be the last time I see most of these people again in my life.

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death / funeral / family drama 

Well I traveled on plane for the first time since the pandemic began. I’m in my grandma’s hometown. It’s been a nightmare being down here because of all the fighting between aunts and uncles. Just nonstop. Today is the funeral so it’s just that we’ve got left to do…and burial, and we go home.

I’ve never in my life been closer to landing a slap on a family member than this entire week. Just. No words. I have not a word.

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Why cw stuff? Ukraine war. Mental health. 

Yes, there is a war going on and it's really scary.

The point of cw'ing that stuff is not to just "ignore current events", but to allow people who have depression, anxiety, etc. to navigate spaces without constantly having their mental health under attack.

There is little most people can do about the situation in the world and humans are not made to handle all that stress we are exposed now constantly. It makes us feel powerless and helpless. This is also why whataboutism pointing to a bad situation here and is not helpful. It makes it worse. It is not clever, most of what follows "what about ..." is things that suck and are known and just stress our powerlessness.

Just cw so people can dose their intake of horribel stuff.

Thank you.

I bought a gameboy colour lol I never got to own one as a kid so I'm pretty excited haha

death mention ; 

Working on this funeral stuff has been pretty triggering because the last death of a loved one was my previous fiancé. She had none of her wishes respected in terms of the funeral, her mom was more interested in appearing as a victim even though she abused her all her life. My aunts were abusive towards my gran but here they are…trying to make this an event about themselves. It’s just horrible what people do once you’re gone.

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