Another name for this plant is apparently “Queen of Sheba” very cool in my opinion

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A year after my mum in law gifted us this plant I finally was able to ID it! At first I was convinced it was an invasive species because of how insanely fast it grows but it turns out to be a Podranea ricasoliana or “Pink trumpet vine”, it’s quite a resilient bugger. It has not yet flowered for us but hoping this is the year we see it bloom.


I’ve forgiven them, I suppose. However, I haven’t been able to make a proper recovery from this trauma that actively hinders my life. So, I don’t know how to feel whilst talking with them. It feels awkward, and I want to genuinely reconnect, but gosh it’s so bizarre this situation.

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So I’ve been talking to this person lately whom I’ve not spoken to since almost 10 years now? Reason for that was because of their transphobic rhetoric. A lot of my trauma regarding making friends and my problem with being openly trans in public comes from the things this person did and said to me.
Anyway, come to find out they’re very supportive of trans people now and they’ve got loads of trans friends and have had trans partners. They’re also apologized to me.

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One of my dogs likes tennis balls and the other likes sticks. I am getting them this educational toy so that they will learn about topology.

life update, long 

Spring Break is ending now, I feel like I hardly enjoyed my time off. I got my covid vaccine at least, but I ended up being lucky enough to get a chunk of side effects so I was down for at least 3 days. It was totally worth it though because at the end of the day I rather have that then get covid.

Another thing that was good was that I’ve resolved misunderstandings with friends and I’ve reached out to a very old pal from high school which has gone rather fine. Not all is bad!

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life update, long, death mention 

March wasn’t a good month, a lot of stuff happened at home with our housemate and family which hasn’t been resolved and has been the root of my stress at the moment.

Brother got seriously injured some time ago, another thing to add to my stress.

Someone I knew passed away. It was quick, so very quick.

It had been a rough month. Not to mention school, I got into a spat with my math professor because they sent me a rather rude email in the midst of all this.


Anyway, today I’ve made plans to have a call with some of my friends. Just the awkwardness of scheduling something makes me feel the rift between us even more. I miss the spontaneity between us, being able to just drop everything to sit and talk. I feel that’s no longer there. I just don’t know where we stand.

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Ever since I got with my husband, I feel like I lost all contact with my closest friends. I feel like a stranger whenever I message them, at first I felt unwanted because all I could talk about was my relationship and so I distanced myself to avoid exhausting them.

And now because of that I feel we’re hardly friends at all. I almost always feel like I’m reaching out and never getting anything back. And I wonder if it was always that way? Was I always the one reaching out?

School stuff 

Had a long appointment this morning with my counselor about transferring schools and things are looking good!!! I just need to pass my maths class currently which...I am having a lot of trouble with due to dyslexia/dyscalculia 😔 But anyway, next year I’ll probably be attending a new school if all goes to plan.

It’s a slow process, but I feel motivated as heck after seeing how much more I needed to get done! Just maths and a few other classes related to my major 🎉

❤️ :_gaysparkle: Happy Love Day everyone :_gaysparkle: ❤️
Don't forget to be kind to yourself and love who you are!

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!


vent ; neg 

A locksmith came to fix our broken door handle and as soon as I opened the door he started accusing me of not answering his texts and phone calls, so I apologized and explained that he was calling my husband who is in meetings all day.

And then he doubles down and shows me his phone with the texts and calls he made to my husband and continued to say that I didn't answer him. I literally just told you! AGH. Why are you so aggressive and attacking me???

I shrug off his attacks and explain to him the issue with the door and starts repeating the same thing I've told him already about the door, as if he's not listening to me...this interaction made me remember why I disliked pre-pandemic life.

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microtransactions are when I'm small and do stuff

I accidentally opened my neighbors package 😳 it arrived to the wrong place and I was waiting for a package so I didn’t think much when I opened it ...and then I saw the name. So embarrassing!! Well, at least we resolved it lol

Since my husband isn’t a fan of flowering plants, she calls this between us a conspiracy against my husband haha. All in good fun though! I love flowers and I’m glad to share the love with her since her son doesn’t understand the love of flowers 🌸

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My mum in law came over this morning, she always drops by randomly to deliver us (read: me) plants for our garden area. Mainly she comes to drop off flowers for me to plant.

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petty venting 

Anyway, today I asked for a haircut again and he studied and tried his best. It came out...okay.

I’m not as upset, but of course I’m not very happy because I decided to cut the rest and I’m asking him if he can check that I did the back right and every time I explain how to do it he just doesn’t get it and I’m just frustrated that /I/ can’t do it. It’s not his fault. Ugh, anyway. My hair looks fine I guess, and it’ll grow back. Until then I live in fear of the next haircut.

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petty venting 

I asked my husband to cut my hair and this is the second time I’ve asked him to do it since pandemonium started. I’m generally VERY sensitive about my hair and I don’t trust anyone to cut it correctly, I just have a lot of hair related trauma.

So I was super wary of asking my hubs to do it the first time, and he didn’t really do well with my hair and I ended up with a lot of anxiety afterwards. I was so upset, and even more upset bc who even gets upset over hair? But again, trauma.

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