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A message to white people 

Diversifying your media consumption is going to be work but it's work you should be doing.

If you're relying on media companies to put stuff in front of you or make it easy to access you're gonna get primarily white-centered media.

anyone in Chicago have/know of a dermatologist who isn't going to be weird to a trans woman?

Jadzia: Julian lost their left hand.
Jadzia: But he's going to be 'all right.'

Good news, everyone!

I have updated the licensing terms for my content (words, text, audio) to include training of Artificial Intelligence systems.

If you'd like to train your AI system with my work and content, you can now do so, legally:

An all-access license is now available for only US$ 42000 per month, with a minimum licensing period of 12 months. Retroactive licensing is also available.

#ArtificialIntelligence #RespectArtists

I’m doing numbers again, so let me again plug Trans Rescue. They are a non-profit that helps trans folk escape hostile countries and reach safer ones.

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polyamory is just applied graph theory

I have been informed that the fediverse is not aware of my reason for having moderate internet fame and a week-long Main Character status, so I'm finally going to break my silence and tell you the story of the time I made bread with my vaginal yeast and the entire internet lost their shit.

:blobfoxpeek: Hello!

I'm going to be live reading my novel BOOKS AND BONE on Sunday at 6pm GMT!

Every Sunday I'll read another couple of hours of it. It's like a live audiobook!

It's in support of my upcoming Kickstarter for the sequel, THE BEAUTIFUL DECAY.

Fellas is it gay to stay in an extremely gay bed and breakfast run by two gay men with all the rooms named after gay authors where you eat homemade scones and quiche for breakfast

It is? Shit, I'm gay

the easiest way to find the most cursed things online is to just look at apartment listings

Sloane Holzer wrote an article for Them on my sister Mira Belllwether, and it came out yesterday.

There's one brief sentence in there as a quote from me.

So i thought id share my answers in full i gave for the article (link to my answers in a google doc will be in reply to this post)

Surgery stuff, pain 

Ghost pain is back. Not a fan

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Surgery stuff, pain+ 

Got more sleep, pain has absolutely receded. Just got my dressing changed and brought T4’s, now it’s time to sleep a little more before breakfast and then I’m on to convalesce

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Surgery stuff, pain 

Managed to get a couple hours sleep, but got woken up around 3am in just general pain, not the ghost nerve pain from before.

Nurses gave me a dose of lower tier meds, so hopefully that should help

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#Music prompt for the #composers of fedi:

Write a short loop that could be played in a game where the character is exploring a volcanic area, with magma rock, charred trees, arid, hot, and dangerous.


We are Bandcamp United - a union of workers across all departments at Bandcamp committed to advocating for a better Bandcamp for all, including our international colleagues and the artists, labels, and fans who use the platform as well as ourselves.

Surgery stuff, pain 

After a couple hours of breathing through it, disassociation, and my standard pain coping mechanisms, as well as the oxy settling in, the pain is at least now a background sound - if that makes sense

It is still very much there, but I’m at least used to it now. Hopefully used to it enough I can get deep sleep

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Surgery stuff, pain 

This is easily the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life I am fully sobbing right now

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