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fuck my day is legit just going to be emails and meetings isnt it

If your activism doesn’t include disabled people, then it’s eugenics.

Hey, folks,

I decided to create a #CrossPlatform #mastodon #client with heavy focus on #accessibility.

Main programming language is #rust using the #yew framework ( and will get turned into native apps using #tauri (

The basic setup is here:

#contributions welcome, even though it's still very early on.

The worst part of researching and setting up solutions to email problems is that they’re a nightmare but the SECOND worst part is the part of my brain that quietly says “email” in Homestar Runner’s voice every single time I see the word

Give every girl a grenade launcher. I want a grenade launcher. I could have a lot of fun with a grenade launcher

The ability to create an enormous community in a rapid timeframe is historically indicative of poor moderation and marginalization. I'm not sure what the brag here is.

Everyone is focused on who the Club Q killer in Colorado Springs is and what his motive was. Those aren’t the questions we should be asking. I explain why in today’s piece on stochastic terrorism and what should be doing about it.

Meta, racism 

After whatever moderation “mistake” made by that caused Tracy Chou’s post about reading white authors to be deleted, (also administrated by Eugen) has also suspended a Black user for unspecified reasons (likely similar).

This is why other communities are talking about defederation. It’s not one or two users being assholes. It’s moderation decisions that silence BIPOC (particularly WOC).


aaaaaannnnnndddd time for my allocated time to panik about social interactions from today

neurodivergent what? no not me at all

I will never understand why people are so averse to diversity.

I like seeing trans people speaking to each other with idioms I don't get, cute girls speaking a language I can't recognize, or gay dudes priming and posing in random pics.

Seeing shit that is not for me makes me feel like I'm part of a much bigger world that still has space for me to learn and grow.

That's a big place of comfort for me. The bottomless nature of the human experience means we all have space to be fully who we are.

That's pretty cool.

too many people become convinced that queer liberation was achieved by "gay marriage" & various forms of assimilation.

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my users are my employees and they're expected to put in unpaid overtime at the posting factory

A space can fulfill the bare minimum requirements for usability and still fuck up in a constellation of ways, and a lot has been said about the whiteness and racism of the fedi by people who know far more than I and have the scars to show for it.

Like it's great if this platform is working out for you, but if you're getting too starry-eyed it's worth it to ask yourself what violence is shunted out of your awareness because of who you are.

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the transfemminine urge to get incredibly angry about the "boss employee dynamic" on the TL

today was really good and stuff and it was nice to be in community with people

but also now aaa i have the space to feel my feels about transness for the first time in a long time

i dont like it

yall community is good

cherish those you are in community with <3

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