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you dont like me for my posts its for my unmistakable latin flavor

boosts welcome, seeking advice for chronic pain and fibromyalgia 

So chances are I’m looking at a fibromyalgia diagnosis, or at least, that’s what my medical team is saying. Which like, I was prepared for and expecting all kinds of other things - but I wasn’t expecting this.

So that leads me to the question: for those who are dealing with fibromyalgia what are some things you have learnt about the diagnosis that you didn’t learn from your doctor? What are some things that you’ve found have *actually* helped you with this? What do you wish you knew earlier on in your diagnosis?

I’ve been reading what I can find on the internet, but I’m really looking for some kind of input written by people with the condition or similar conditions, not shit written by people who don’t have anything similar.

mh-, diagnosis journey stuff 

fuck fuck fuck fuck i am so frustrated

Cool cool cool

Guess I'm destined for a fibromyalgia diagnosis love that

Another roud of written reports done, now just to move on to the financial and participant reports

wish me luck!

if you've ever wondered what @hammerhead is like in person, just view this helpful archival footage

ugh 2 questions left on this report and then its done but im dealing with blank page syndrome aaaaa

laying in bed beside your partner as she works on creating homework for the next day (shes a teacher) and you write a grant report thats several thousand words long

is this what love is?

Half way through Gideon The Ninth (again) and I am now SURE that it is much more enjoyable if one reads Harrow first.

I mean, read them in the published order first, but when you come back to them later, read Harrow first and then Gideon.

It's so much funnier. And by "funnier" I mean "Oh, John, Oh, John, we're all going to die."

Yknow... One of the hardest parts of recovering from Conversion Therapy is the way that sometimes my brain will decide that all of my queerness - from my tattoos to my work to the relationships that i have - is dangerous and will lead to my being hurt, sick, and eternally damned.

But i eschew those beliefs. Queerness has been nothing short of life saving and magic. So today I want to use my own struggles in feeling safe in my queerness as a way to help us all remind ourselves why being part of this community is amazing.

So lets have some fun: lets all share the most magical things that have happened in our lives as queer people - the things that make us so happy that we are queer.

It got gayer

(Image hidden because I don't have spoons to write an image description)

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It got gayer

(Image hidden because I don't have spoons to write an image description)

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My favorite is definitely the "living my okayest life"

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I've been collecting stickers for a while for this computer, but had to wait for the case to come in so the stickers dont wreck the body of the machine

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i have a lot more stickers to add as well, ill post pictures when i do.

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I came into work after some time off on Wednesday with 500+ unread emails

today im gonna finish the day with 58

someone tell me they are proud of me xD

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