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If you know the right questions to ask, you’re already halfway to a solution

re: more learning to photo edit stuff, the after 

I'm pretty happy with the way this edit refocuses the eye on the purple highlights, and pulls out the detail of the leaves

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more learning to photo edit stuff, the before 

A photo of a flower that my fiance took this afternoon on a walk through a local park.

As much as I might be kinda letting down my own goals of running a pure open source environment - a nearly impossible goal for myself - by running a Macbook, but damn I gotta say, its been a good experience.

Especially with the recent switch to zsh as a default terminal, it feels pretty much identical to a linux box, and most of my custom scripts just require simple changes to get working on the new platform.

Overall? i continue to be impressed by this machine - especially the fact that I've been working all day without any battery struggles whatsoever no matter the workload.

The problem with being a Canadian and writing any document.

Do I use british english spellings, or american english? why not both!

Spell-checkers hate me

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K well I've written 1684 words worth of grant report today...

I think its pretty understandable that my hands are in a lot of pain xD

I'd say thats a good chunk of writing for today xD

ugh the thing with having your hands slowly give out on you throughout the day and being adhd is that like...

omg hyperfixation is here now and i am getting so much damned work done let me keep going hands please?

re: Ph~, disability stuff, work stuff 

But honestly, after getting the news that our funding is coming through, very little could dampen my spirits today

Besides, at least I still have things that enable me to keep going right?

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re: Ph~, disability stuff, work stuff 

How much is to much work btw? I typed up about a one page essay or so about a program, and have another 7 or so to do for this report package (which I have another package due in a few days).

After typing all that as well as all the inter team communication, my hands are giving out. I wish I don't have another 7/8s left to write but alas such is my life

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Ph~, disability stuff 

Oof, I haven't done this much writing for a while... It might be time for compression gloves and working from my tablet for the rest of the day. Let's hope I don't need to do much for the rest of the day

you know ari is in a good mood when she's listening to fucking psytrance and writing emails

omfg i can breath easy now

funders are going to pay out for the program we ran a year and a bit ago

we are actually going to be able to hit our budget omfg

that moment when your federal funders finally, after months and months and months, notify you that they are dispatching payment

i'll be over there, crying from the stress relief

Wow this post has been boosted 45 times

I think that's my single widest reaching post yet on the fedi

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Quark: Please don't tell me you're still friends without benefits.

disassociation? or something. mh? family 

how talking to family feels

New profile name to represent my hype about Daft Punk

God I special interest this shit

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I came so close to also dishing out for my 3rd copy of Random Access Memories, because my copies all have problems.

My 2nd copy has a scratch over most of Georgio Moroder and The Game of Love - two of my favorite on the album. It plays fine other than that, but I cannot express how much it bothers me xD

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So in other other news, I bought Daft Punk's Homework and Alive 1997 on vinyl, further completing my Daft Punk collection.

Now, I only need (of their primary releases)
Discovery, Human After All, and Alive 2007

I cannot express how happy this makes me.

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