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i would love you forever and we could like... maybe chat over matrix to get it sorted?

youd get hella shoutouts on streams tho

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hey folks? anyone wanna help me get a newer version of lebiniou installed (the visualizer for my streams)?

Current ubuntu version doesnt have the newest version in the repos, and the .debs i can grab from the developer have dependency issues and i just... its to early in the morning for this xD

the most useful advice ive ever gotten about writing EDM/house basslines was simply "pick 3 notes and stick to 'em"

it always forces me to give my basslines more time to breathe and really groove

(she says, listening to a track recorded yesterday with an incredibly simple but yet viby bassline)

k omg if i have one complaint about bitwig so far, its that it really doesnt have good support for markers/cues and im so used to using and abusing those in my workflow

Huh thats unexpected... My synth obsession of the day to casually research is one i already own... Thats pretty unusual xD.

This time its the soft synth "TubeSynth" thats built into the MPC Live. Its always felt a bit.... Obtuse to work with to me but I heard some fuckinf fantastic sound demos last night and i really wanna get more confident using it. Cause like, the synth engines inside the sampler make for a perfect all in one workstation

I would never pretend to be gay for clout

yesterday i learned a lesson i already knew about proprietary software

i plugged in my old iPad and asked it to download some episodes of Behind the Attraction to watch on the plane

then i put it in my bag and eventually boarded. once we got to 10,000 feet, i pulled out my iPad and was greeted with, "Please go to the App Store to update Disney+"

except, of course, i was in the air on a regional jet with no wireless, and i didn't need that update anyway because i just wanted to watch downloaded episodes!

anyway piracy is in every way better and more ethical than using subscription streaming services

Morning yall!

Thanks for being you and therefore being amazing

Spotify is paying right wing activists for their content, and promoting it to all their users through the podcasting feature.

Add your voice to a petition for them to stop it, on their community platform:

I just had to look up how to pronounce ko-fi

Its just... So unclear. Apparently their marketing is "ko-fi rhymes with no-fee"

Another reason to love bitwig?

I just realized ive had a session loaded and ready to work on for 3 days... Like, all i need do is turn on my hardware and press play and voila its the track

Also also, many appologies to anyone waiting on me for a project/etc. I've had a crazy last while between the vigil and some other IRL stuff.

Itll get to you i promise!

For now, please feel free to take a listen over on bandcamp for now! (I might even drop the price to $0!)

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For anyone waiting on my most recent EP, Coping Strategies to hit streaming services...

DistroKid is being a dick and not letting me call the songs "Coping Strategy #1" and so on. Please bear with me while i sort out how I wanna solve for that.

(anyone with experience with distrokid and ideas would be very helpful)

So if someone wanted to buy a cool new custom cane from a rad as heck queer disabled person, where might they look?

No reason. Asking for a friend. (Boosts welcome)

cost of a new trans flag has been covered! donate to a disabled ND trans activist thread, thank you so much 

I feel so incredibly honored and loved by all of you. Thank you so much for boosting and interacting and donating!

I was having a really hard day and feeling really low, and youve all helped me feel like the vigil was worth it. Like the activism I do is worth it <3

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cost of a new trans flag has been covered! donate to a disabled ND trans activist thread 

Hey everyone, the cost of the flag has been covered and then some! Ive been able to even go so far as to recieve an offer od a handmade flag from a rad local activist!

If you would still like to donate, all donations are going first to getting me a better cane then HRT.

Moreover, if you would like to direct that donation to my local trans community directly please say so somehow and ill pass it along to good activists doing more work than me!

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But the more i can raise the higher quality flag i can buy to hang outside my house and take to every single rally i ever go to

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