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It's just a backup until this server is back full time

@porsupah @nakedambition I've been at a loss for so long waiting for this instance to come back up

I miss this place

I'm gonna scream, I need this instance to come back now please

:lgbt_io: Our server will be put into maintenance mode for OS upgrade within the next 15 minutes.

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Thank you!

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trans surgeries + 

omg omg omg omg my girlfriend just got her date for vaginoplasty!

sooooooo hype for her, also omg i need to finish paperwork shit

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah @porsupah thanks, that totally ended up being a whole like... trauma realization in a sentence and i didnt realize it xD

But yeah. supportive understanding people have literally changed my life and its amazing.

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah @porsupah im glad you have good people in your life. I have a lot of good able-bodied folks in my life helping me accept it.

i definitely also feel that. I recently re-discovered the memory of my step-dad making fun of me "for my stupid little limp" one day when i was being forced to walk 6.9km home.

I've spent my whole life fighting through pain, and accepting it as normal. Accepting that its not normal has been incredibly difficult.

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah @porsupah yep, same here xD.

Its still hard to accept that my body is just... kinda broken honestly but yknow what, were slowly getting there xD

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah @porsupah i truly get the struggle of "not really disabled/not disabled enough"

but yknow what? if your struggling enough your even thinking about a cane or mobility aid? your probably pretty valid for wanting one. The average person doesnt have that same thought process.

Moreso, if your struggling with "not being disabled enough," your probably valid in your disability. Because able-bodied folks dont share that struggle

your valid, 100%

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah @porsupah also also:

Use a cane if you think it might help. mobility aids dont require being X amount disabled. They are there to make it easier to get around on the bad days, and to not use when you dont need them!

Your allowed to just... use a mobility aid. Especially as canes can be super cheap (i got mine from a grocery store), why not just... give it a try! It never hurts to have an aid you dont need lying around for a friend who does!

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah @porsupah while i cant speak directly to your situation what I can say is that using a cane has changed my life, and day in and day out shocks me how much it helps.

Without my cane, stairs become a major difficulty, especially going up for me. I do find a cane to help going up and down stairs. you could look into a folding cane, as then it can be easily kept with you but not take too much effort to lug around.

I have more to say in the next one


i just shared with someone local that i use neopronouns in specific circles


Because it'll be healing, and won't go far at all:

I am a goddamn white passing Metis woman who was adopted into a white settler colonialist family. I was also denied connection to that heritage, shamed for being Metis and adopted, and treated as less by my adoptive mother for the first 18 years of my life. She actively denied me connection to that heritage, and I have spent my entire life trying to connect to it through scraps as a result.

I want to be welcomed at the table. I want to learn.

Blargh. It's one of those days where I just feel dysphoria and dumb

@porsupah Ugh fucking stressful honestly! Work just keeps getting more difficult, but having the server back up even in limited capacity makes getting a financial report done today sans bookkeeping a lot sweeter

Good to see you again as well! It was weird not being able to connect with any of the fine folk I know here, maybe it's time to set up a backup account properly

Omg omg omg I'm back, LGBT.io is back

I have hardly been able to function without this instance xD

So I got a pair of loops, the like. Sound proofing earbuds that are advertised fucking everywhere

I gotta say, I'm really happy with them. I've only used them a few times, but every time they've helped so much and are nice and inconspicuous

i'm that kind of restless that i dont know what to do to make it better hhhh

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