Surgery recovery updates, food, surgically bruised legs in shot 

My girlfriend got me a stuffy and an edible arrangement and had it delivered today

I cried so fucking hard it really really made me feel so special

Surgery recovery updates, selfie 

I’m off to sleep, they gave me a sleep med that should knock me out cold hopefully so that’s nice

Have a convalescence selfie. Note: I get to wear real clothes now

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Food, surgery stuff 

Breakfast time! Honestly, the cheese was killer

Post op selfie, I’m cold and can’t feel my legs but that’s normal apparently

In my recovery room, done intake, taken the meds, time for surgery is imminent

Have the hospital gown selfie with eye contact

One hour out pre-op surgery, eye contact, my face looks weird without piercings in it

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Another pre-op selfie, surgery in 10 hours, I should sleep, eye contact

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Night before surgery selfie, eye contact, huggin my squishmellow my little purplebutt my little guy

canadian pol, meme reacting to cbc article, international womens day 

is this real life

I havent uploaded a WIP in a while, nor have i written any music in a while

i had about 20 mintues tonight so i slapped this together. definitely has a vibe to it thats for sure.

My current desk setup

Ignore the messy desktop on my MacBook, I literally couldn’t find anything to display that I have open that isn’t confidential and secure documents XD

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I haven’t made music in a while. Even then, I’m still really happy with how this one is shaping up.

Awkward trans family event selfie, ec 

Please help my girlfriend ran away to the kitchen to cook and left me alone with family

My partners spouse made me the greatest thing ever for Decemberween

Cat ec, photos of cats 

Moar cat photos

Black kitty is Spoopy, a six month old ball of fluff and void

Grey and white kitty is Mister, our almost 9 year old kitty

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