so i guess i might be making music for a short film? thats fucking wild...

have the random 8 bar loop that i was inspired to make this morning

bitwig is just too fun to play around with honestly...

the grid is fucking powerful

Just fiddling away with this track, added a breakdown and cleaned up my elements a little.

really loving this so far, i should totally stream the rest of this track. Stay tuned, stream in an hour?

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Todays my first day back in the studio and able to work on stuff! Feels good to be back at the controls and making them space vibes.

Maybe a stream later? Might start working on some tracks for "Girl and her Sampler" on it...

(also, have another recording of the track from this thread, its evolving nicely IMO, might have to bust out the Reel to Reel for this)

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My hands might be in excruciating pain but I'll never stop trying to make new tunes.

Worked on this one in bed the other day, and almost everything is just drawn into the piano roll because my hands couldnt manage.

its shit, but its all ive been able to work on for days

Selfie, EC, fresh piercing, violent language used for a joke 

Oh hey i got lightly stabbed yesterday! Went for a hang out with my new partner and got my eyebrow pierced! One step closer to being the spiky voidspawn I am inside!

That awesome moment when "Women of Electronic" has 2 gender diverse artists as the first artists.

I'm working on a little something special for the next release... Maybe there might just be a bonus track too! Who knows!?

Maybe this is taster of said bonus...

Have a little taster of what we're working on today, and the next on the list of tracks for Routing Errors!

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That awkward moment when i get inspired and a little meme worthy

and i try to make album art...

dunno how much further i am going to take this

Tonights the night! Night one of this 3 day gig starts in roughly 4.5 hours!

Im so excited omg, heres my gear bag with my entire production and djing rig!

That awkward moment when your friend sends you a tiktok that has an "omnomnom" sound in it, and you remix it into a techno track in 2.5 hours...

lolwhoops honestly really proud of the percussion sounds on this. dunno if ill release this anywhere so here have a thing

conversion therapy ban demonstration, photos of the messages, selfie, ec 

The city council makes its choice today. Heres some of the pictures i could bring myself to take (with decent opsec).

The last one was my message. "11 years later. I am still afraid."

And I wrote that not as some cry for help, not as some way of telling the world how broken I am. This was my way of acknowledging to the world that I am still afraid, and yet i am still here and queer.

We will know if torture gets banned in about 4 hours and i just have to believe itll happen.

food, photo, sappy on the TL 

The aftermath.

A mound of take home boxes in front of a mess of plates, coffee mugs, and happy memories.

Twas a good day.

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food, photo, sappy on the TL 

Tmw you take most of the cule out for supper to celebrate accomplishing some pretty major life goals and overcoming longstanding barriers.

Thank you so much to my partners, squishes, and peoples for all you do to keep me afloat and smiling. I couldnt do it without you!

selfie, ec 

I havent painted my nails in like. Idunno 3 or 4 years...

I forgot how instantly euphoric it is... How instantly I feel at home in my gender with them painted.

And hey, maybe now i can do a bit better readressing my nail biting to somrthing else!

Lolwhoops i accidentally made an album art that I will never use xD

Just scrolling through a wikipedia article and found this guy bein all chill in the background crowd of a shot.

Dunno, im prolly going to try to keep doing this with random images and maybe i could start selling them xD

album artwork is done omg! sorry i super dont have spoons to photo desc... 

Omg album art is done! Made by a local queerpunk and I am so in love with it!

lewd, trans pride, WIP song 

Lolwhoops howd that get there?

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