Surgery recovery updates 

So turns out that instead of getting my mould and catheter out tomorrow, it’s all happening Monday. Which means I’ll have less than 24 hours monitoring and instruction on post op care…

Which like… what? I am so confused. I was told things would be removed tomorrow. I was told to take a 6 week leave from work but the booklet say 8 to 12 weeks off work.

Like I’m just so confused and frustrated right now.

Surgery recovery updates, vent 

K omfg I am so confused and upset right now

Post-op booklet says time until return to work is 8-12 weeks

Which, correct me if I’m wrong that’s the same timeline for vaginoplasty with cavity.

I went no cavity because of the recovery time. I went no cavity on the understanding that I needed a six week leave.

So… fucking what? Are you fucking telling me I made a life changing decision based on misinformation? Wtaf.

I am so incredibly upset right now.

Surgery recovery updates, vent 

Let’s not fucking mention that I was pressured by GRS Montreal to go no cavity because I have chronic hip pain

Like genuinely what the actual fuck

Surgery recovery updates, vent 

Maybe I’m just fucking over reacting

But like, I feel like I made a decision based on misinformation and pressure that will affect the rest of my fucking life

And I just want to fucking scream and scream and scream

I know I’m the one who decided to go no cavity, but if I’m already upset about it that doesn’t fucking bode well


Surgery recovery updates, vent, thoughts after calming down 

I feel like my brain is just looking for reasons to be upset

I decided to go no cavity because I didn’t wanna dialate and I didn’t care to have that part of me be penetratable.

I think I’m just being a big autistic baby because I was told one thing and another thing is happening. I don’t do well with change

I’m still confident no cavity was the right choice

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