PSA about transmisogyny and interactions as a transfemme, long, violence ment 

PSA for those in the back:

We focus on transmisogyny because misogyny is rank and rampant, and trans women face it in a particularly violent and oppressive manner.

I'll never forget that every trans woman I have ever met will always be nice and kind and smiling - not because they are nice and kind and want to smile, but instead because they fear for their lives otherwise.

As trans women, we know that when we arent "nice and fuckable", those same people who were being nice to us might turn around and stab us, or harass us, or threaten our lives.

The last time i was genuinely bitchy to someone who was being unkind and cruel in a public space, 30 people turned around and harassed me instead of dealing with the bad actor. Time and time again, the statistics and annecdotal experiences of trans women (especially BIPOC folks) show that we either get to be palatable to whiteness and cis people, or we get to fear for our lives

what kind of fucking life is that? Think about it! What would happen if you got mad about something trivial on social media? Say you were contrarian about a Marvel movie. Worst case scenario, people would argue with you about the merit of your opinions. If I were to do so? I'd have death threats, threats of sexual violence, harassment, and dismissal as moronic and idiotic - as if I had never had an intelligent thought in my life. Oh, and then some people will probably engage in a discussion about it.

And if your thinking to yourself, this is all unreasonable that can't happen... I'd like to refer you to the DMs of any trans women. I'd like to refer you to the countless trans femme voices that speak out about this only to be silenced. I'd like to point you to the fact that you automatically dismissed and denied my reality, and how that is evidence alone of these systems of oppression.

Anyways, please remember that your transfemme friend probably wont tell you how they really feel on things unless you prove you wont harass, dismiss, and mistreat them for saying it. Please remember that trans women have value outside their ability to have a penis inside them <3 <3 <3

if your a white cis dude, techbro, or otherwise incredibly privelleged and you think its bad that i/transfemmes have to deal with this....

May I refer you to direct financial action? Support a trans woman, buy her coffee.

Was not expecting this post to do numbers tbh

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