Ugh okay. The grief and emotional intensity of everything that has happened since late last week is really starting to actually hit me.

I’ve been in “community mom” mode since before the tragedy or TDOR. Taking care of people, having a strong face, helping my community feel safe.

And i don’t think I’ve let myself feel anything since it started, and its starting to hit me today….

Fuck and i have at least one more thing that i have to do like this today. I have at least one more thing to get through. And its going to be so intense and hard.

Sometimes, yes, queer organizing can be lots of fun. I cherish my workdays wherein I get to be surrounded by amazing queer people. I look forward to every way that I will find to become further in community with people through organizing.

But goddamn. It’s also a lot of tears.

@eclectic ***hughughug*** Entirely understandable.. it's absolutely amazing just how much of a pace you keep setting for yourself. But I suppose seeing *what it's all for* must help a lot in powering on through.

But yes, you also can't forget to take care of yourself, for everyone's sake, yours especially.

@porsupah thanks 💜

It might be amazing the pace that I set for myself. But ultimately, I just try to rise to the call of my community. We all need someone to ask for support, or someone to plan the things while we can’t.

I just try to be what my community needs.

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