A little under 2 months ago, GRS Montreal notified me of the following:

“At this point I am done evaluating your file, which means you can expect a phone call from the administration team to book the surgery date. This may take a few weeks.”

I know it hasn’t been that long in the grand scheme of things, but I haven’t heard anything since.

So I emailed them.


Talking to other folks in the community, I might have as little notice as 4 weeks to book flights, make arrangements, and get to Montreal.

All the while being the Executive Director of a queer service centre that currently has a staff force of 11 people underneath me. 4 weeks is not much time to ensure that the organization has its funding in place, someone to do payroll, etc etc etc.

Honestly, the uncertainty of the timeline on this is making my life so very fucking hard.

On one hand, I should likely hire an Interim E.D, but that would require i know when im going for surgery, and when i would most likely be back. All that, and i need at least a month to train an interim, and it would likely take 3 months *minimum* to hire an interim.

All this lines up to “aa holy fucking shit how do i ensure that my org doesn’t light on fire in no time at all”

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