Y’all, what are your methods to stay organized with work tasks?

For a long time I’ve used a modified bullet journaling system to track my day to day tasks, but I’m finding I don’t have the time or spoons to do that much organizing.

Do folks have apps for task tracking they like? Do you just keep a thousand sticky notes? What’s your solution, I want to know.

@eclectic I struggle staying organized at work as well. The best thing I’ve planned is to spend the first 10-15 minutes prioritizing my task list, otherwise I just get lost doing whatever comes my way. However, I’m honestly terrible at doing this. Haha.

@Airtightlemon that’s definitely how I often end up.

Usually, I can keep on top of the day to day prioritizing and get on well enough, but I recently had health thing happen that made me not have spoons to keep up with it for a few weeks. Now I keep finding tasks I’ve dropped or forgotten about, and it’s showing me that I often loose track of tasks in the day to day prioritizing.

@eclectic in that case, the best thing I’ve ever found is to have someone to bounce your task list off of and try to get organized with someone else listening. It’s hard to find someone to do this with, but saying everything out loud does so much to jog my memory.

@Airtightlemon mmm that's a really good point actually. Until September, I had a coworker that I could do this with regularly with whom I'd often work together to prioritize with. Perhaps I can do this with someone else on staff, I honestly hadn't thought about it.

@eclectic I know a bunch of options that exist. What kind of features do you want in this app?

@miriamboon I think my top considerations include:

- quick use, possibly hotkey use
- flexible organization, nested tasks and flexible projects from tasks as first class systems
- multiplatform, or otherwise iOS/MacOS
- integration with handwriting tools (low priority, but would help it fit the workflow I currently have)
- "distraction free mode" or reduced notifications or visual clutter

@eclectic task dependencies? Group projects? Cost/payment model?

@miriamboon task dependencies are very useful.

Group projects are less useful, I don't really intend on using whatever solution I land on collaboratively.

Cost/payment is pretty flexible. I'm not afraid of putting money down or paying for a subscription for a good software. Anything over $100 a year would have to seriously impress me.

@eclectic Last I checked, if you want task dependencies, you are probably looking at Asana or MeisterTask. Remember The Milk was pretty good last time I checked it, but it didn't have first class projects; you kludged them using tags. Who knows, though. Maybe it's been implemented since?

@eclectic If you decide that keeping you motivated to use it is the most important thing, another option is Habitica. It makes your to-do list an RPG, with cute quests etc. It didn't have all the features I'd want, but the hardest part with to-do apps is to actually use them, so...

@eclectic One last recommendation: If you want one for your personal life that is focused on positivity and self-care but also works as a to-do list, I recommend Finch. It's so wholesome, provides mental health first aid exercises, and allows you to get to know a baby finch that you raise to adulthood. Very adorable.

tabbed note-taking. i make a bullet-journal like thing every week, fill in daily tasks. can do for work, or personal, or both, or can use it entirely different. very very useful. and free for individuals. :)

@splott out of curiosity, do you know if it supports apple pencil/stylus use? A lot of my workflow is handwritten digitally

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