Hey folks of the Internet, anyone got any recommendations on an every day carry backpack or bag that has decent organization and laptop storage?

Due to my chronic pain struggles and the weight of my current bag, I find that I end up in a lot of pain if I do anything more than take my bag from my lift to my office. Carrying it around to meetings just proves to be too much for me.

I was looking at the Osprey Daylite Plus, but it wouldn’t provide enough weather safety for my area during winter

(Boosts welcome)

@eclectic osprey backpacks are always great if you can find one that fits your needs

bag rec, Tenba 

@eclectic You might want to check out Tenba's messenger bag line. I picked one up in 2013 as a camera bag - it's got (re)movable compartments, so you can carry lenses or power supplies and cables just as easily. Various compartments large and small, and sturdily built - I've carried a Sigmonster and the rest of it all in mine. The shoulder strap's nicely padded, so even a heavy load doesn't feel bad, and the D-rings are steel, so coupled with the rest of the construction, you know it's not going to fall apart, à la Targus.

re: bag rec, Tenba 

@porsupah I did some looking at tenba, and they seem really camera focused, where really i need a backpack thats small and has a bunch of little organizing pockets - not something to lug gear around.

I'm still gonna cruise about on the site tho.

@eclectic same hat!

I've had two backpacks from Alite that I loved. They seem to be out of business but some are on eBay

Tinbuk2 is a reliable brand with tons of pockets

These are brightly colored and well pocketed, too, and look like they're awesome

@bouncinglime thanks for these!

the cotopaxi bags are a bit aesthetically out of my range but the Tinbuk2 stuff looks great!

@eclectic haha fair enough. I really like the random colors, and it looks like all of them come with hip straps. That's something else I've found extremely helpful in a laptop backpack.

Happy to keep looking if you want more recs! I'm trying to remember everything I looked at last time I was shopping.

@eclectic You can look at Peak Design.
I can't talk about their backpack propers but I've had their messenger bag v1 for ~8 years now. The only defect I had was the rubbery material on the strap started to degrade recently and they sent a replacement for free, no question asked.
This bag is still in perfect shape and I used it every single day, in every weather including (freezing) rain, snow until covid.

It's solid, comfortable, packs a ton and is incredibly waterproof

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