What’s a decent iOS/iPadOS mastodon client? I’m trying out Toot but I’m already finding some bugs I don’t like.

@eclectic The two main ones are Toot! and Metatext; the latter's preferred by those who find Toot!'s UI a bit too busy.

(Neither render styled text in toots, irksomely)

@porsupah I'm gonna give the safari based PWA a try and see how that does.

(If you can't tell, I bought myself an iPad and pencil)

@eclectic Ooh, cool beans! Yes, the web UI works very nicely on an iPad. Mostly I'm on Toot! there, but I'll hop onto the web UI now and then - it's nice being able to see all the timelines simultaneously, and getting to see styled text rendered correctly is a nice bonus.

@porsupah so far I’ve found that tooot doesn’t maintain a good frame rate and really makes using mastodon feel cheap. I don’t know if it’s just some kind of bug with the newest generations of iPad tho.

@eclectic Don't think I've tried that one. It's not impossible, if it's the first time or so, that it might perform poorly as it builds up its database; I'd expect that to settle down fairly soon, if that's what's up.

Frustratingly, the devs of both Toot! and Metatext are basically absent, so it's anybody's guess when any new updates might happen. (IIRC, Metatext is open source, but as ever, that only means as much as there are people with both the skills and spare time)

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