the transfeminine urge to avoid githug with a fiery burning passion

but seriously tho, where should i host this repo yall


I've done the self-hosted angle before, but i rarely have the means to keep a server alive consistently, which just ends up in all the open source work of mine going the way of the dodo

thoughts anyone?

@heartles isnt a paid for service?

I'm very very broke and my card is very maxed out, so I'd have to wait till i can get my financial situation figured out. oh shoot yeah I think it is for project maintainers, damn. gitdab is free tho if you don't mind using gitea as a software

@heartles I've learnt not to be too picky about the software stack involved in free services. if someone is willing to let me utilize their server space for free, who am i to condemn them for a software choice

Besides, its not github right?

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