I love accidentally making a new and cleaner template for a written report completely by accident by just doing the work

lolol oops

idunno how, but for some reason doing reporting is actually super fun for me.

like, i kinda dread doing the data work, but i love seeing the report come together into one coherent package - and then love comparing the reports over time to be able to read the story of the program

god i am just too cut out for this industry arent i

Most of my job consists of meetings and team management. i so rarely get to actually just put my head down and get some damn work done

so when i get a chance to say "do not disturb, working on reporting" it makes me very happy. its that moment when you cue up some good house music and just type for a few hours - flowstate material

The biggest challenge of this kind of work for me, honestly, is just trying to break the "blank page syndrome".

Once I know what the story I'm telling is, its easy as all hell to do. Until then, its totally debilitating trying to decide on the story.


so not only did i do all this work on the written report, but i've finished processing roughly 90% of the data for the last 6 months (january to june), which means i have a bit of writing and some financials to crunch and I'm done

i'll be caught up with a grant and project that has been behind on reporting and project delivery for 1.5years. i cannot express how amazingly excited i am by this yall

like honestly, when i joined this organization people were telling me to abandon ship because there was no way we would ever get this project back on track

and then here we are, however long later, looking at payment being issued (finally), and a program thats being delivered successfully

holy shit has this taken a lot of work - and holy shit will it take a lot of pressure off me. maybe i can stop breaking out in stress hives every few days

maybe i could actually take that time off ive been talking about for months and months and months.

now *that* is a bonkers idea.

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