Excerpt from the report I'm writing, non-profit writing bullshit xD 

If this isn't the wordiest way to say "queer kids come to hang out", I don't know what is....

The program continues to foster community wellness, queer academic theory development and learning, and youth civic engagement by building communities of care and networks of support betweeen youth participants and community leaders. Through communal discovery, exploration, and support through trauma, program participants are working to support each other as they continue their journeys of self discovery, service engagement, and healing from generational and interpersonal trauma. It is through engagement with 2SLGBTQIAP+ cultural practices that youth participants become empowered to build stronger communities, heal from what is too often a hostile world around them, and explore the world as well-rounded professionals and individuals.


This goes on to claim that we are increasing employability by communally making Picrews with our youth participants

because fuck yeah i know how to make something sound real and important

If you ever need help making something mundane sound academic and businessy, please feel free to give me a shout.

its one of those weird skills i've picked up over the years xD

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