i just shared with someone local that i use neopronouns in specific circles


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@eclectic I'd be puzzled why that would be something of concern, but some people will get bent out of shape about *anything*, and pronouns have become a so-called "culture war" talking point, so I doubt neopronouns have it any easier.

(eg Liz Truss the other day, who actually said Putin's invasion should spell an end to debates over statues and pronouns.. y'wha'? Bear in mind, she's not just a random Tory, but Minister for Women & Equalities)

ukpol, neopronouns 

@porsupah @eclectic Maybe it's a reference to a current intergenerational conservative meme. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but it boils down to, "stop obsessing over trivia like pronouns and obsess over national security like we did in the 80s."

ukpol, neopronouns 

@porsupah @eclectic Which may have come from a US politician originally but it wouldn't surprise me if it crossed borders.

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@cbrachyrhynchos @eclectic I suspect there’s a good element of that, yes - though this lot’s so ready to follow orders, I wouldn’t be in the least surprised it’s simply what their PR lords and Johnson are telling them will go down well with the base.

ukpol, neopronouns 

@porsupah @eclectic A friend at my volunteer gig pointed out that there's a candidate for state office literally running under "Jesus, Guns, and Babies." Which just proves to me that a lot of politics is just trolling for shares these days.

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