Omg omg omg I'm back, is back

I have hardly been able to function without this instance xD

@eclectic **hug!** How's it been in the meantime? So good to see you again. ^_^

@porsupah Ugh fucking stressful honestly! Work just keeps getting more difficult, but having the server back up even in limited capacity makes getting a financial report done today sans bookkeeping a lot sweeter

Good to see you again as well! It was weird not being able to connect with any of the fine folk I know here, maybe it's time to set up a backup account properly

@eclectic Egh, unfortunate to hear it's not getting better yet, but sounds like there are some fairly deep-rooted issues in that org.

Mmm, I kept checking, occasionally clicking on the ellipsis at the top of the columns, hoping there'd been progress.. ^_^ It was *so* good to hear from Self that it was finally on its feet again. ^_^ And of course, with the latest and greatest version, though that also means having to apply thost tweaks again sometime soon, so we'll have >500 chars again. ^_^

@eclectic It'll probably be a day or so before it /really/ gets back to normal - looks like there's more to be done to get openssl happy again, so we're not federating fully at the moment. But that's small beans compared to being back. ^_^

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