So hey! It's bandcamp friday! Normally I like to release my projects on these days, and while I've got a couple things a brewin, disability has kept me from working on and completing them!

So instead, maybe you could take a look at the catalogue of music i released last year! 4 EP's and 2 Albums, all heavily influenced by techno, retro video games, queer & trans-ness, and disability!

Theres everything from club house bangers to lofi-hiphop tunes to study to!

wait i think i counted wrong. 1 Album, the second one was supposed to come out at the same time as Girl and her Sampler, but again. Disability kicked my ass

ugh and its a live techno/house club set in album form too. its so cool, and it was gonna release alongside performance videos and maybe even a music video!

but nah, i missed ALL of the deadlines for it because disability

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