Yall, i need a good linux friendly game that i can play in the 5 - 20 i get between work meetings. My first thought was Risk of Rain 1 but even then that goes on a bit long.

Got any recommendations?

@eclectic Hmm, that's a tough one. Most of the games I play are at least 30 minute sessions. Without knowing exactly what kind of games you like, I'd say -- Galaxy Champions TV, LOVE, Project Warlock, Slay The Spire, Rocket League, Scoregasm, Super Hexagon, FTL, Sine Mora, Rogue Legacy (and/or RL2), any METAL SLUG, Jet Set Radio.

@nebunez oooo thats a great list! Thanks!

Also omg JSR has a linux capable client? *looses my mind*

@eclectic Yes, Steam version worked fine with Proton for me.

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