Hey folks, i need some recommendations for queer fiction!

Know of a good author making wonderful queer fiction? Let me know!

Im looking for diverse stories featuring queer characters, but i really wanna avoid sex scenes or sexually charged narratives (im too ace and traumatized for that).

I really love sci fi and fantasy novels and series, and just finished reading the Gideon the Ninth series. Bonus points if it features disabled and/or neurodiverse characters!

Boosts very welcome!

@vivianamacis it's made by Ru Paul, so I probably won't watch it. I'm also mostly looking for books.

Thanks for the suggestion tho!

@xinjinmeng omfg absolutely added this to my list of hardcopy books to order

@eclectic do you have a goodreads?
Also regarding neurodiverse characters: The Outside by Ada Hoffmann is the first thing that comes to my mind.

@IngaLovinde I don't, no. To be honest I don't even know much about the platform

@eclectic I mean I have an entire shelf of queer fiction there:
Some of them have explicit sex scenes though, and a couple has sexually charged narratives, but I can tell you which books don't, if you're interested?
(are implicit sex scenes or mentions okay?)

@IngaLovinde oooo wonderful! I don't want to read anything sexual right now by as I heal from some stuff,

If you could suggest non sexual stuff that would be awesome

@IngaLovinde oooo wonderful! I don't want to read anything sexual right now by as I heal from some stuff,

If you could suggest non sexual stuff that would be awesome

@cidney @vicorva I actually just picked it up today! I'm super excited to read it, it's been on my list for a while and I cannot wait for some good ol' fashioned friendship

@eclectic If you're down to read finished but not yet published works, I've got a novel that features characters that don't outwardly identify as trans, but very much are, due to their author :nonbinary_flag:

Neurodiverse, also not directly, but one of the conceits is trying to understand someone whose mind both is and isn't quite a "normal" human's.

@ossifog that sounds fun! I love supporting fellow indie folk!

@eclectic Wow! That's really exciting! Feedback is always super helpful, so thanks in advance!

I hope you don't mind the googdoc. Can move it to framapad if you prefer.

Also a content warning as a heads up:

@eclectic I'm not sure how sexually charged is sexually charged but joy demorra has two versions of her book "Hunger pangs: true love bites." (Pls search the full title or you get eating disorder content)

One version is with sex scenes, the other without - I'm pretty sure joy added some extra fluffy cuddly stuff to make up for that so sex-avoidance people wouldn't miss out on words while paying the same price. BUT also there are some kink negotiations very relevant to character development - she did keep those separate enough from the sex itself so it was easier to avoid the sex.

Historical-ish, (later 1800s iirc,) supernatural (vampires / werewolves / "the old gods") (wait that counts as fantasy right?), it starts leaning polyamorous at the end, and the next book will have more of that (this is technically half a book - it was too long so got split in two, tho still has a plot arc resolved and stuff. Should also be a series eventually.)

Has many queer characters, (casual nonbinary side characters, main guys are cis bi) one main is disabled (injury/hoh/chronic illness) and other is clearly adhd. I believe her website has lots of CWs on it.

Also a reasonably long book, but doesn't feel like it to me lol.

Also half-joke: chuck tingle has some ace-friendly books listed on their website.

@eclectic oh uh also for neurodiverse, On the edge of gone by corrine duyvis has an autistic mc and the autism, despite being very different from mine, was still amazingly relateable.

I don't remember anything sexual in it, there are queer characters around (mc's sister is trans, doesn't get deadnamed) and lots of diversity (casual Muslim and Jewish characters I remember)

Is uh, not post-apocalytpic but like... pre/during.

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