Hey you! Yes you! Do you make music or short films? Do you struggle to get a clean polished sound out of your mix? Do you need to get your project ready for physical release?

Let me take the hassle off! I'm now taking commissions for Mixdown & Mastering! I have a decades worth of experience, an Audio Engineering & Production degree, and more self-made projects on my bandcamp than i care to count! Moreover, I've worked with Electronica producers, recorded 5 piece djent metal bands in studio, and done audio work for a plethora of short films!

Hire me now, and work with a rad queer woman!

Take a look at my commissions on ko-fi!


P.s, you can also commission a song from me! Want your very own Ariana Giroux track that no-one else will ever have?

(boosts very welcome)

@eclectic my plan is to finish my album by the end of January. I'd happily hire you to do mix down then! Actually would love for something I make not to sound like mud 😩😂

@spacekookie if ya like, i can set up a reminder to boop you (send a toot) say mid January?

I'm always itchin to help out cool folks!

@spacekookie done <3.

Also i love listening to projects and offering advice if you ever need someone to take a listen! I dont charge for that, i just like learning more about peoples creative processes!

@eclectic Cool! My current music is at breadmachine.bandcamp.com but I haven't released anything in like a year. I got back into music production late 2019. looking back on the tracks that are already up I feel like they all lacked _something_ and I think I managed to figure out how I want to make music (and also just learning a bunch of things about _how_ to make music that made me significantly better at it now than I was a year ago)

@eclectic Basically: I don't like the music that's on my bandcamp and I think I can (and am now!) doing better 😁

@spacekookie oooo this stuffs pretty cool! not often i listen to this kinda stuff and im vibing!

dontcha love looking back and being like "i can do better?" its like the number one reason i archive all my projects for like 10 years xD


@spacekookie i am very interested in your process. whats changed? what really revolutionised it for ya?

@eclectic I think there's three main things:

1. a better analytical framework for how other songs are structured, how to blend between different parts, etc

2. Understanding how to even just do basic EQ. Like... taking stuff away before putting things back! (before I would just make everything louder 😅 )

3. Getting over my fear of using a DAW and finding a DAW that I feel more comfortable with. I used to use Ardour but I kinda hated it. Now I use Bitwig and love actually playing with it

@spacekookie @eclectic wink wink all three of us should make a track together sometime :ablobreach:

@lilletale @kawaiipunk @spacekookie

oh fuck to the fuck yes? i just finished a project (eclecticmedia.bandcamp.com/alb) so im kinda itchin for more!

Like... i could whip up the beginnings of a house track today if yall wanna fuck with that xD

@spacekookie AWWWW YEEEEE more bitwig usersss! i fucking love bitwig, best DAW I've ever worked with. I mean, maybe not the best mastering workflow but other than that 😅

Its wild how useful the simple tools are right? I think the single most useful thing I ever learnt from audio engineering school (aside from how the fuck compression works) was how to use a 3 band EQ.

Like... these days im like "fuck your 8band fancy shit gimme this like builtin shite 3band eq"

simplicity for me brews wonders

@eclectic Yea I really love Bitwig. The only way it could be better is if it was open source 😅
Especially the colour and way the native devices look. It's just so much prettier than Ableton for example. And like... maybe that doesn't matter to some, but for me it really makes it much easier to get lost in the process

@spacekookie yeah i wish it was open source. Ill take the linux support and be thankful as is rn tho

and hey! whatever inspires you right? Back in the day, logc pro x was easier to work with than pro-tools for me, solely because i liked the look and feel of it more.

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