asking for money help, help replace a trans activist's damaged flag 

Hey everybody, i hate to ask but... My trans flag got a bit roughed up for the vigil last night, a bit burnt up in places and stained by drinks in others. Im heartbroken and cant afford a new one myself.

Im hoping that maybe with the power of community i can buy a new full size flag that hasnt got drink stains in it. They arent much, so even if you can toss $5 it will go a long way.

You can donate towards this effort in the following ways:


Boosts are so incredibly welcome...

Im honestly devistated that i have to buy a new trans flag because cis people had to put drinks down on it during a fucking TDOR vigil...

If I can get a new flag, i plan on donating the old one either to the vigil or to a trans person who needs one locally btw

Your donations will impact more than just me

cost of a new trans flag has been covered! donate to a disabled ND trans activist thread 

Hey everyone, the cost of the flag has been covered and then some! Ive been able to even go so far as to recieve an offer od a handmade flag from a rad local activist!

If you would still like to donate, all donations are going first to getting me a better cane then HRT.

Moreover, if you would like to direct that donation to my local trans community directly please say so somehow and ill pass it along to good activists doing more work than me!

cost of a new trans flag has been covered! donate to a disabled ND trans activist thread, thank you so much 

I feel so incredibly honored and loved by all of you. Thank you so much for boosting and interacting and donating!

I was having a really hard day and feeling really low, and youve all helped me feel like the vigil was worth it. Like the activism I do is worth it <3

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