alright yall, ive got 2 ish weeks to write 2 tracks for a short film, and im going to stream as much of it as i can!

im going live for as long as i can today in about an hour (9AM CST) over on owncast for some behind the scenese production stuff!

I'm live now, bit late, but were here! Gonna be working a lot with Bitwig's modular system "The Grid" today! Come check it out!

All on linux bb!

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Well then! My network just crashed, no idea what happened!

We're back at it with some of the most layered shit ive ever made! Come check out modulators in bitwig with me!

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So i guess im making drones through Bitwig's modular environment now xD

come chill!

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@porsupah a 'descent into madness' is the central motif i got from the filmmaker.

im having so much fun with it xD. Come tune in, im just taking a minute to listen to what ive got so far!

@eclectic Running on cellular vapors today. ^_^;

Ooo, that definitely has possibilities!

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