mh/ph-, s*xual harassment, me updates/hiatus updates 

sorry i havent been around with my queer hot takes and streams for a while. tbh, ive been in a really really low place, both physically and mentally.

In short, a week ago last night, I was sexually harassed and targeted in public, and watched as no one did a damn thing. I've been kinda hiding in a hole and feeling gross and trying to be okay for a while.

on top of that, i lost most use of my hands for a week, and they are still only just coming back.

i might continue to be on a hiatus for a while... Streams will be back one day tho!

mh/ph-, s*xual harassment, me updates/hiatus updates 

I was concerned that I wasn't reading your posts in my feed. Damn this sucks. I hope that if it ever happened to somebody while I'm there, that I'd have the decency to act.

Take care, and I hope you finally get the medical help you need.


mh/ph-, s*xual harassment, me updates/hiatus updates 

@normandc thanks muchly, it means a lot.

And hey! There are lots of classes and videos online about intervening in cases of racism, queerphobia, and sexual violence.

It wasnt that people turned a blind eye, its that no one recognized the harrassment until i was alone outside with the guy, and he was suggesting "his penis would make me like guys". Identifying sexual violence before it escalates is hard, and often needs training.

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